Saturday, January 28, 2006

Angpow Culture

As chinese (or not pure chinese) married couples will give children and unmarried adults money inserted in red packets known as ang pow, as a gesture to mean that the recipient will enjoy a fruitful and wealthy life.

Angpows, there are many categories (in term of the cash contained inside).
If you are real close (son, daughter, daughter in law etc), you'll usually get the biggest which somehow averagely it range from RM100 - RM500. There are some richer family even writes cheques).
If you are somehow close, like cousin, you'll get the 2nd biggest amount, averagely range in between RM10 - RM100 and well it depends on how rich the family root is of course.

Then you have the RM5 (average), it's for distant relatives (which normally we see once in a year). And lastly, the RM2 for any passer bys that simply wishes you Happy New Year to get your angpows.

I wonder, how much will my boss give. Maybe RM10 :P

(above happens to Malaysian, in Hong Kong, it's totally different. Those who is real close, will normally get VERY NICE red packet which you have to BUY from stalls, and not free from banks, hypermarkets, and the kedai nombor ekor)

Snow Wash Snow Wash

Brought mum to experience snow wash cos this grass cutter @ tai kong (office big longkang) just have to do his job. And stain my car (again) during the process.

Nothing much, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More Steamboat?

Location: Seoul Bulgogi
Pricing, RM30 per adult, eat all you can style

I'm single, again

And now i'm a Geisha! :P

oh oh i went to ogawa to redeem my present from HSBC la, then hor as expected, i got offer lah, those package thingy. RM200 rebate for any massage chair, VALID ONLY ON THE SPOT.
since when they adapt the MLM thingy? There are more too, like hand held massager (and oh the model happen to be S200, how i hope it was a Hondata S200 :P) + eye massager for RM299 while normal price its like RM599. LOL!

so i the end i got what i wanted. W/o falling to their trap. hehe

and yes i'm officially, 24. 2 circles around the animals.


The 3rd Generation, opps i mean CARD

Yeah right, that's like my desk right?

Macam petition!, and damn it, it really writes - DESK - knn

so much for the office gossip

and i realize the font at the envelope is almost the same in the card. Mesti kerja Maria/Ariel ni.

*gasp! Bright colored thong from Jelly & Ruff ruff! and in size 8!
lucky it fits. phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Was in nervous state just now, sked kenot fit.

and... tada! I'm Single T-shirt. Good! time to wear at places where there's rich unker. muhahaha
anyway, i bought this month ago when we went window shopping/dinner with Sue & gang. Was telling myself -DO-NOT-BUY-ANYMORE- X 1000. mana tau this gang so alert. damn i shld have went to the watch shop & drooling at the Tag Heuer instead. hehe
(Thks to Sue, Ria, AY, BH, TFT, Ian, Brian, Sharon, Mai and everyone else that i've left out)

Would like to Thank Everyone who took their time, go through jams & heavy rain to have this Bulgogi thing. hehe. LMF is very bad in expression. Dunno what to say :P Kenot hug also cos we all smells like burned meat.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Japanese Steamboat

Category: Steamboat, Japanese
Venue: Puchong Bandar Puteri, Shoplots opposite Giant
Time & Place: 8.30pm, Saturday

MiZi Restaurant
Renovation Nicely done. With ala-ala type of Japanese tree & lantern outside as landscape
2 floors where 1st floor is NON air conditioning (might be smoking zone)

The Cashier Area and entrance to first floor.
Quite the Japanese, check out the floor.

MiZi Restaurant
Automatic self-sevice heater/boiler. (Non gas)

MiZi Restaurant
Condiments, the sesame sauce(best!!) & belacan

MiZi Restaurant
Our food! and non sharing self steamboat.
Brocollis, beef & pork, mushrooms, and alot more!

MiZi Restaurant

MiZi Restaurant

MiZi Restaurant
Check out these people, they can eat!

MiZi Restaurant
Empty!! in 1 hour!

MiZi Restaurant
RM75. The food just enough for 3 person.

We all came out with the unbutton jeans :S

and they serve taiwan chinese tea, i tot it was a Japanese Steamboat.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Birthday Approaching

Haih, all i got was 2 birthday cards, both from H company.
Well at least one giving me a 'vibrator' massager. Hopefully it could really 'vibrate'. You know what i meant :P

And the next favourite H-company gave me a coaster. Yep. At first i thought they gonna give me an ASIMO since there's an ASIMO vector on the envelope.

Where's the envelope with cash domination???? I didn't see it yet.

Image hosting by Photobucket

so.. i think i better go smoke la.....

Image hosting by Photobucket

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Office Make Over!

Office got it's wall painted and old torn cheap carpet been removed. Check out the mess

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
All the pcs/rubbish/stuff been moved to the other half of the office

Image hosted by
The empty side.

Image hosted by
We then play mini futsal & had a combat class/aerobic instructed by the boss.

Image hosted by
Lift your leg... like this.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

The Pantry became waiting room and it does looks like the doctor's office

Image hosted by
The wall color is just right for passport photo.

Monday, January 16, 2006

My First Home Post

Hah! First post from my home!

Happy, Contented, with the latest gadget at home.

Oh and by the way, PLEASE don't spend your money (and your free ticket voucher) on the 3rd Generation.
Unless you are very very 'mai-sun' type and you liked the number 3 very very much. And, i'm saying about 3 o' clock, 3 months later, 3 red-dye eggs, 3 mangkuk, 3rd of the month, 3 switches, 3 person on a dining table, you know stuff like that.

There's some law from the municipal that local movie shld be given the biggest hall in each cinema that plays the title.
Hence there are about 30 innocent souls in this almost 300 seater hall. It started ok until like 45 minutes later. Somehow 8 left the hall, and giggles were here & there till the lights on. Just because there's just too much of the number 3. No prize for guessing when the next 3 will appear.

And, the camera was sooooooooo still. It barely goes up above the shoulder, there's alot of anonymous performers. If above shoulder wasn't bad enough, there's alot of below the knee length, plus loud foot steps. So Wong Kar Wai stylo, only without delivering the meaning. The only good point i could get hold on is the setup and the props. Good job on that.

And Amber's chinese name is very the lou-tou leh.

First local chinese production. i hoped there will be more commercialised movie and more straight to the point. Malaysian can't understand deep meaning (or rather no meaning) movies.

Till then.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hondata Fail

Hondata seem to be failed with all the error sensor coming out.
Sad case. Might be coz the AFC is interfering with the ECU.

Might test again next week and taking out the AFC.

But now lala-car is running with unknown chip from SotLee - the vtec chip copier since the last decade.

So far no rev cut, vtec opens when on idling rev, opens at 5,800rpm, initially feels lighter rev but can't really feel it after a day of driving.

Hope to see more difference when the road promises.

Anyone encounter such a chip characteristics pls inform. Thx


Friday, January 13, 2006

Miracle Keyboard

Please go visit this site.


Thursday, January 12, 2006


Lala-car will be equipped with Hondata S300, as today.
FOC at the moment for product testing on a stock lala-car, to see the-ever-famous-Hondata-ECU in-USA's potential.

could this small motherboard transform a cat to a tiger?

we'll see tonight (or tomorrow night).

More information on Hondata

Oh oh i also sabo* a red MOTUL umbrella from avantgarde. hehe happy-nye

Finally an umbrella that i really liked.

More information on Motul
for those who have no idea, MOTUL is a somehow expensive brand of automobile lubrication which they carry engine oil, gear oil, motor oil, whatever shit oil that is meant for your car.

*sabo = sabotaged

Finally, ponteng half an hour of work to go workshop paid off! Muhahahahhah.


Friday, January 06, 2006

Thank GOD it's Thursday,

and we've got free dinner

Image hosted by
The Fooddddd
From clockwise, Some Steak (sorry too hungree...forgot name) Rib Eye Steak, barbecued ribs, fish & chips, grilled salmon, Roasted BBQ Chicken, Mushrooms Chicken, Mushrooms, Some Grilled Lamb
In the middle (empty plate, Three - For - All)

Image hosted by
No Come near my food

Image hosted by
Suffocation, and the evidence

Image hosted by
Normal - abnormal - normal
Image hosted by
Abnormal - Normal - Abnormal

Good food, bad client, work harder la LMF.
Check this Bus Mini Seats out.
Image hosted by
and initially i tot it was some bus mini seat. Really. But happened to be 1 of the cinema chain's couple seat. (some up north cinema chain)

means, when i was on bus mini long long time ago, i've been doing this couple seat with the ah-neh beside me!!!!!???

How can they approve such a seat? Never try sit and experience before ordering the seat to put it in the cinema hall and then charge the innocent victim another 4 bucks more? Talk about their senses.

If i to continue about them, i can bitch non stop, but i gtg now, stay longer means more work. Ciaoz

Thursday, January 05, 2006

152X, Here i come

Samsung SyncMaster LCD 152X
Refined technology waiting to be turned into style
If you see more style we will perform the true refinement, which is viewed as an ultra narrow bezel and sleek body.

Image hosted by

come home to me darling....................

in another note, Fei sent her Canon Ixus for RMA because the LCD kaput-ted. In return, Canon loan her a replacement camera for-her-to-use-until-her-camera-fixed. And, it looks like the latest Ixus with 5.0mp, and Canon gave her the whole new box (which includes all cables, charger, battery, manuals, CD, SD-card, and the Ixus chassis itself in sealed packaging!) and ask her not too worry and treat it as your own camera.

Talk about service, this is what you call service.

To hell with the fujifilm (office camera), sent for RMA and never came back since decades ago.
It basically vanished. Prolly can take home for fun and no one even realize it.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First Post of the Year - Resolution Reviewed

Our new colleague's belated birthday, and borned on the 1st day of the year. haiya means everytime his bufday also declare holiday wan. no need apply leave.

So we had this messy photo taking session, and my resolution accidentaly reviewed.

Image hosted by
Find me! - hint* the one who can't look straight
from left: Sharona, me, Lin, Boss, Sue.
Half face at the back: Bailah

Image hosted by
Koma 3rd Installment.

Image hosted by
Veron: I tell you how many times don't steal my cake you don't listen!

Image hosted by
Veron: Now i'm gonna 'char' you as revenge!!

Oh yeah, if it doesn't reveal enough, my resolution is actually *to be stewpid* to enjoy life in a lighter way, i guessed that hard work didn't really pay off well then i might as well as sit back and relax, RIGHT? RIGHT? RIGHT guys??

P/S: btw, kelvin wasn't pictured in any of the image above because he too handsum. later all the girls wanna work in cinema online pulak.