Friday, September 14, 2007


Facebook probably have the most stupid sign up process i've ever encounter in my 10 years of internet life. I'm not joking.

It asks the less information from any other community, that's fine for me.

This is all they need.
Fullname: which you can't just key in LMF(cos it's not a fullname) you can't do a Kylie LMF (cos it's too many capital in my full name) and i have to settle it with Kylie Lmf. I'll explain the stupidness later.

I am: selection of in college/at a company/in high school/none of the above. If i chose i'm at a company, an work email address is required.



Date of Birth:

keyin some shit that hard to see to deter the webcrawler, sorry i dunno the correct term but it's like the computer generated web crawler etc thingy (it might my screen resolution but nevertheless, it's stupid and hard to read)

Click i've read & agree the T&C bla bla bla.

So i've key-ed in LMF in the first place, it's wrong, they don't let me proceed, and decided to kill all the previous information i've entered earlier (the email, password, date of birth shit. *tulan*

so i try again, Kylie LMF, it says too many capital words in my name, and killed the rest of the information again. *tulan tulan*

and i finally gave up i put Kylie Lmf and being fu*king tulan i forgot to click the -i have read & agree to the T&C shit. FU*K!
my information is CLEARED AGAIN and i have to reentered.

Being fu*king tulan now i wanna find out whats so great about this shit. When i'm there, i was asked to key in my email acc & password, and i know they wanted to extract my contacts from the email. (and no wonder i keep receiving invitation shit from ppl), so that's where the spam starts, coz your contact in your emails is already in their database) Now, i try to find some friends in there, didn't work via regional network (US/UK/Canada only).. what do i do? i'm stuck.

I'm not returning again. Friendster is fine for me.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

GRA Round 3 2007

September 9, 2007, Shah Alam

Grass Racing Autocross Championship Round 3

The fellow friends who scratch the bumper & hit the curbs. Officially Curb Climber Club Member
Gone rime & a shaky bumper

My 2nd driver who is 3 seconds faster than me, in my own car.

2 podiums. 1 & 3 & fastest women. Earlier result actually shows that we got 2nd & 4th placing, damn bengang cos of him i have no podium. Some situation that i can change. So the next day we were informed that there were some mistakes with the results. The 1st placing guy was actually 10 secs more than what it annouced. So yeah. Our names all went up a spot.
Mat Rempits filled the empty car park when our event ends.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

KFC now 24 hours

KFC is now open 24 hours! OK, in SS6, Kelana Jaya (near the old giant) the KFC is open 24 hours. The bad thing is, there's no drive thru. I hate the hassle that i've to park & buy. And risk being mugged at night.

They also have free wifi, with the terms, Mon - Fri, 2pm - 6pm.

And i just found out the the malay spelling for PRODUK is actually same with english.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Jogoya - I'm outdated

Jogoya was the best buffet i even been to. I must admit I'm not a buffet person. And this is my first time ever since their opening, in er.. in 2006? I like their wood divider. Shit this buffet restaurant it's like Ikea with great ways of dividing spaces. I finally went for the overpriced buffet because someone had some VIP card where we can eat VIP food.

Not so much of the VIP food anyway, the best is the King Crab & the Prawns on the rocks. Great oysters & mussels, loved the asparagus & the fishes. And i took the Haagan-Daz green tea ice cream, thrice! And I also hit on the pathetic small piece of tiramisu twice & also the quai lin kou. Yum Yum..

However, i think the best part was the ABSORBTION. I like spotting spelling mistakes. It's fun. (Actually it makes me flip the dictionary much more than i did in my primary years)

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Streamyx decided to blocked our website's IP. Streamyx actually block our whole office's most frequently visit IP.

It's just like, i can view A company's website, can't view my own website, and A company can view my website but not his own website. What the fuXX is wrong?

Countless call had been made the the TMnet's support, but the call end up being, we're providing support and the problem you are facing need techical support, our techical support has already file your complaint but there's no answer from the team yet.

I can't even go to google sometimes. It automatically redirects me to with answer to google when i type in my URL box. Funny eh.
My MSN doesn't work too. It's either my MSN is ok but I won't be able to browse the web. Or my MSN is not ok but i can check out the websites. Today, its ridiculous because i can't do both. So much for 50 years of independance.

I have to steal my neighbour's wifi to get online.
Anyone wanna write me a letter for Malay Mail Hotline?