Monday, September 03, 2007

Jogoya - I'm outdated

Jogoya was the best buffet i even been to. I must admit I'm not a buffet person. And this is my first time ever since their opening, in er.. in 2006? I like their wood divider. Shit this buffet restaurant it's like Ikea with great ways of dividing spaces. I finally went for the overpriced buffet because someone had some VIP card where we can eat VIP food.

Not so much of the VIP food anyway, the best is the King Crab & the Prawns on the rocks. Great oysters & mussels, loved the asparagus & the fishes. And i took the Haagan-Daz green tea ice cream, thrice! And I also hit on the pathetic small piece of tiramisu twice & also the quai lin kou. Yum Yum..

However, i think the best part was the ABSORBTION. I like spotting spelling mistakes. It's fun. (Actually it makes me flip the dictionary much more than i did in my primary years)

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