Thursday, February 14, 2008

Potong Conman

The Potong Saga was due for 1000km service. Infact is was way overdue. Anyway, IT IS compulsury to include X-1R Engine Treatment and Magnetrap (it sounded like the DIY magnet on the filter to trap the residue to me)

It's like when you drive in to petrol station, and you are required to pump V-power because your car is new, and there isn't a choice for you to retain the warranty given.

In relation to image above, as i was trying to hang my clothes (obviously so that it'll look presentable and not crumple), i found out that there are missing passenger support, both sides (left/right). Talking about budget cars, they might as well as exclude all doors or make it dashboard-less to save cost the next round.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Post CNY Updates

4 days prior to CNY, and the line is 1 hour long to get the Daging Salai from Jalan Sultan. It came with pre-order paper for faster service too.

And for good deed, we (that's me & me mummy) actually bought Friskies for the cat that doesn't belong to us. They so happen to live outside our compound, and like to pee on my bike.
OK back to work, and i'm darn sleepy.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hong Kong Part 6 of XX

It's a sale it's a REAL SALE. Seriously.
Still looking for this model in Klang Valley. I need to proof myself right that watch is definitely hell lot cheaper in HK.

I loved my new taifus
And my final purchase in Disneyland! The pictures with Mickey are really overpriced.
Happy Chinese New Year Folks! I have enough clothes till next CNY


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hong Kong Part 5 of XX

OK i'm gonna keep this short, 14 pairs of socks for HKD140, (with further 10% discount with HSBC Credit Card)
And went crazy in the Hard Rock Boutique. I really really liked the Hard Rock Headphone T.

Went rounding in HK Station and stumbled with HMV. So i got 2 magazines, Total Film & GT.
Bossini storewide discount made me crazy, and i've got few M&M's T, an overcoat (which makes everyone turned their head and think it's something wrong with me whenever i wear it in the mall back in KL), kinda like that feeling.

And i finally managed to buy something from esprit. On the 7th day. I've gone crazy and HKD1000 poorer. Can never imagine i got an esprit membercard from HK as the outcome.

But really, it's a bargain. I got a shirt, and few clothes here & there, 2 pants for HKD 299 each, (that's about RM130). I went checking the price in KL and found the pants are new arrival, selling RM229. Shit, that's RM100 savings per pants.

I'm losing track on the things i bought already.