Monday, October 31, 2005


aiyo, u know what, i think i like to lose.

now that i know my stock clutch got heated whenever i'm launching. exedy exedy where are you?

it was really really bad, 2 blanks away from mr. 18b.
1st gear, bryan said i came out to late, he got infront of me.
then i was stucked with the 7k-8k-7k-8k rpm, as usual.
up shift and vtec closed!, 4.5k rpm. shits. no need to play liao. Didn't get it right this time.
up shift again and while reaching 8k rpm, poop! and check engine light came out and rpm gone haywire.

and hor, thank you berdyclub & bobo for his APRS lessons. appriciate mah.
hopefully could use the knowledge in the very next game.

and hor, wanna thank you mr bobo for sourcing the semi slicks for me!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

What the reality is

Directly quoted from Mr. Patrick Teoh's TOKKOK.

1. I pay taxes, cukai pintu etc. but the water that comes out of my tap is not fit for drinking. And so I spend more money buying those water filters. Now that's become a "keeping up with the Jones' "fad too. My filter is better, shinier than yours. Mine costs more than yours. And big business is laughing all the way to the bank.

2. I go to see a movie. Pay the ticket price and then get screwed by scratched prints, bad sound and censor's butchering. But that has been the subject of another bellyaching session here. (Go to "Pay Money Orso Cannot Get Ah? Niamah!" below)

3. I pay good money to park in a parking lot so that I can patronise and spend more money in some shopping mall. Then I get accosted by signs that tell me the management is not responsible for anything that happens to my car while in that parking lot.

4. I pay tolls so that I can drive smoothly from one place to another. Then I get stuck in a traffic jam just to pay my toll.

5. I pay good money to get hooked up to a satellite TV network. Then I get out-of-date programmes that my Singaporean friends keep reminding me are so "last season" leh. Of course these satellite TV flers are constantly coming up with new "packages" which means that you need to pay more and more money for programmes that you don't want to watch. Simply because the programmes you want to watch will packaged with those that you don't.

Just.... well-said. Exactly what's on my mind. Only with better language combination.
That's Negaraku, where i live in. And it's true, we're better than Ghana.
(At least i still can enjoy my 2-tone discolored 8400rpm shift point)


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


as i was expecting some package late last week (last wednesday/thursday) from POSlaju, it didn't arrive.

and being a busy woman, i totally forgotten about the case till on Monday. Then, since i've got the tracking number, (ED283_ _ _ _ _ _MY) i went to check online (

To the horor i found:
1. 19-Oct-2005 16:25 FAIL DELIVERY

*PL14 card = yellow card which you can do self collection at the POSlaju office.

i double checked with my receptionist manager if there's any package/card under my name. "Nop there's nothing for you" she said.

i started to feel that they are hopeless. The delivery address is an OFFICE! The percentage of being FAIL DELIVERY during office hour is almost 0.
I thought, the puasa month and they skipped a few location and just say it's fail delivery? possible. maybe they are too tired, or maybe it's too hot out there. They might get melted.

Anyways, i called the POSlaju office number that's shown on the website which is
Pusat Poslaju Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-22632600

and the office number been changed to 1300 number. Fine, no annoucement on the site. so i've called. 1300-300-300

Tekan 1 untuk BM, Press 2 for English. Press 0 to speak to our customer service.
.... did nothing, and i've been route to 'Our Customer Service will attend to you shortly.
ok good.

So, a very polite male voice. I've been told, that this package have 2 delivery attempt yet it's failed. So they can't do the 3rd attempt.
"I would like to do self collection, but i don't have the yellow card with me." I said.
Oh you can bring this number to our collection center. You don't need the yellow card.


Thank you so much officer. And thanks for your patience.

My anger been eased down, as he was too polite for me to complain.

The next day after i collected the package (there's no sign of their new 1300 number and the old 22632600 number still around in their office), i got to know that the yellow card went to the SENDER's ADDRESS instead!!
Now i got a reason to believe that they mistaken SENDER's ADDRESS with RECEIPENT's ADDRESS!
wah lau.... you eyes blind meh mr. POS officer?

Pengirim - Penerima, tak boleh differentiate ka?

The moral of the story is, have a polite & patience customer service if you know the rest of the department screws up occasionally. :)

Have a nice day people!

Monday, October 24, 2005

KDN now vs then

was doing spring cleaning and i found some old magazines (dated end 1997) which back then the censorship was so much much lenient compare to 2005.

below is the pages (articles & advertisments) extracted out from the past magazines.

Image hosted by
nipples shown, ass shown, sexy & erotic photoshoot
click to enlarge

Image hosted by
Claudia Shiffer's asset

click to enlarge

Image hosted by
yummy! (although i know prolly the gay men would have wear it compare to the straight guys. That's y i love gay men so much :P )
click to enlarge

Image hosted by
Last but not least, FEMALE COVER! and the model is wearing.. nothing. This happens now and they could have close their shop.
(do you guys still remember about the model that got cover up with our Jalur Gemilang in a Malay magazine?)
click to enlarge

on the other note, (must have too young to know what andro was back then) the CKone model was famous too... and they happily mention androgynous.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by


Saturday, October 22, 2005

5 Tips for Women

1. It is important that a man helps you around the house and has a job.
2. It is important that a man makes you laugh.
3. It is important to find a man you can count on and doesn't lie to you.
4. It is important that a man loves you and spoils you.
5. It is important that these four men don't know each other.

Oktoberfest was a conjob.
It started at 5, and I arrived at 5.15 and they announcing they left last 10 beers, while the line is like a 50 metres long. cheh!

My colleague who made it there at 2pm manage to get 2 round of beers.
Ended up with Vietnam Kitchen with RM7.50 Tiger. And then we headed for Goal!
Good combination. Beer & football.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Someone died and i deserve a holiday!

It's kinda sickening that there's people looking forward for a day of holiday when someone in the royal/political family/political died.

And i'm rather pissed today, 1 day of work delayed had cost me to lose 5 days in publication printing dateline because of the upcoming Deepa-Raya Holidays. And there are people that think those holidays are just not enough. They demand another day from a dead people.

The society is getting sicker, so am i.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

WTF is wrong with the society?

*disclaimer: this is not my car, nor it's my boss's car

click for larger image

The damage done is worse than what the bastard took.

he lost a HU, which prolly gonna cost about RM 400.
Replacing the glasses, and the torn center console it's gonna cost more than RM500.

Just like what happened to all the houses that got broken into. Replacing all the grills, doors & frame is gonna cost more than what they lost.

idiot society. we are living back in the HK 60's era. where corruption happens every corner and so does thieves.

So call negara-ku. I hope it will be negara-mu. Take it back. I don't want.
I am never gonna be proud of my own country anymore.


The L Word Downloads

Found something nice over this but however, it says

We at Showtime Online express our apologies; however, these pages are intended for access only from within the United States.


For those who like some L word characters as their wallpapers, here's the so called backdoor link to it. wallpaper/shane_1024x768.jpg

For others, just replaced the character name on the link, all main characters in Season 2 is in
- Shane
- Dana
- Alice
- Tina
- Bette
- Helena
- Kit
- Jenny
- Carmen
- Mark (even mark is in!!)

Not in
- Lara
- Tonya
- Gabby
- Tim
- Ivan
- Marina


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Darth Tater Visited Office!!

Hiak hiak, i've finally gotten my long interest Darth Tater with a discounted price.

love him and i'm gonna strap him on my back seat...


Friday, October 07, 2005

Cactus Died!

My beloved cactus died!!!!
only the 'root' stuck in the soil. the skin came out............. am so sad.
and the root look rather ugly. like.. some kind of alien tongue. yuck.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Selamat Berpuasa Folks!

It's the time again for the fasting month! Time flies.
I still remember last year where we (Bailah, Fei, Daniel, Elaine & me) went to Pasar Ramadhan and how we buy food like we never eat for months.

Ayam Percik, Cendol, Roti John, Kuey Teow, Chicken Wings and so much more!!
Yum yum, i can't wait.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005


When i was catching a movie last 2 weeks (if not mistaken), we went for dinner @ A&W. While i desperately need some cash, i went all the way down to the lowest floor where the Public Bank ATM located.

After i've done with it, there's a man in his 20's approaching me, and stuffed me with a laminated paper. (no don't worry, it's not robbery.. yet) So he start explaning that he's from WWF and he's not asking for money. (Yeah right!) After some 10 minutes explanation which i reluctant to hear but being too polite to just give him back the broucher as i was already late for my movies and friends were waiting, he starting saying the REAL meaning behind all these explaination.

Yeah, he need RM30/40/50 donation MONTHLY, deducted from my maybank account (phew i don't have it) OR any credit card. I felt ridiculous. He should have go study the Malaysian economics, if not try reading the papers. Alot of us, Malaysian can barely survive with the salary we are making. And YES I'M PART OF these Malaysian. Gosh. As i would feel obligated to donate maybe a ringgit or two, but not a monthly donation. WORSE, we owe banks thks to this killer plastic we carry in our wallet, now you want me to swipe it? and pay you monthly?

Hello!!!? anyone home? i need donation too. If i have enough for donation, i will. But not now, not this time. and the donation, according to the guy, is not even for animal welfare! it's for the dying treesssss!!!

call me ignorant. whatever. but eating home packed lunch at pantry everyday trying to save some dime it's not something fun to do, overtime.


Monday, October 03, 2005

past weekend update 2

i really wanted to get this book. Carolyn 101 (click for more) Retailed at 89.90, and i think i'll wait till my financial recovered. Won't have time to read it right now anyway.

next, i've got my broken wiper replaced with the lifetime waranty silicone wiper. Hopefully it will rain today, really wanted to see the difference between the rubber & silicone wiper.
(this old pair of wiper last 2 yrs)

Gotten a pair of new philips H4 bulb as well when i found that it's hard to navigate at night. Not too sure if it's my scratched headlights that need laquer, or the bulbs are dying. Nevertheless, it cost about RM12 each at eneos and i might as well as get it replaced first.
and yes i have NO INTENTION to go to any HIDs.
Festive season coming up and there will be alot of legal-road-daylight-robbers looking for faults in 992. It has enough of offence already even w/o the HIDs.
(old h4 lasted 5 years plus)

replaced the rear 6X9 speakers with sony xplod. Cheap bargain speakers found at cash converters PJ. Look exactly like new, with unused wire, box, plastic, and speaker cover attached. RM78 for this pair of decent 40W 3-way.
(Normal retail price RM250)
(old speakers lasted 5 yrs plus)

and i realized that this post is all about buying. And it only happens on the first week of every month. Well, regular wage earning like me only could afford to buy little and stay poor for the rest of the month.

Kudos for spending less than 200 on 992 this month and only replace what's necessary.


past weekend update 1

Let's see. Where do i start...

It's tiring to run around the sunway lagoon park non stop from 9am - 1pm.
Mind you there's uphill, stairs & miles long elephant walk.
Overall the result was passable, not something great, alot of black holes, and we are not communicating enough. I believe we need a trasparent communcation among all of us. That will be at least better for those who pay attention.

(Note: For readers not from my company, we organised a treasure hunt for a client, and i'm part of the team, and i'm not having fun coz i don't win a prize, and in this case it was a RM5,000 shared among 2 team members)

All i get is raising up my phone bill, sweat like a pig, bruised ankle, unlimited supply of mineral water, as well as a free 6pcs McDonalds McNuggets.

Overall: it was a good experience overall and it definitely give me the lesson of communication and team organization.

Pictures to follow:

Image hosted by
Redza briefing the participants

Image hosted by
Counting stickers at the suspension bridge, this is a HARD TASK i tell you.

Image hosted by
Peace at the Niagara Flume Ride

Image hosted by
My fav ride, Grand Canyon River Rapids

Image hosted by
A dude which i found he's superbly good looking, a pakistani Sunway/Monash student.
(you probably can't see the facts but this is a good pic)

Image hosted by
Almost sensored.
Doing task for the Red Sorento Crew (Red104.9)

Image hosted by
Squeezing the fats.
Doing task for the Red Sorento Crew (Red104.9)

Image hosted by
The Participants

Image hosted by
The Crew with 2 person that doesn't know the dress code.