Monday, October 03, 2005

past weekend update 1

Let's see. Where do i start...

It's tiring to run around the sunway lagoon park non stop from 9am - 1pm.
Mind you there's uphill, stairs & miles long elephant walk.
Overall the result was passable, not something great, alot of black holes, and we are not communicating enough. I believe we need a trasparent communcation among all of us. That will be at least better for those who pay attention.

(Note: For readers not from my company, we organised a treasure hunt for a client, and i'm part of the team, and i'm not having fun coz i don't win a prize, and in this case it was a RM5,000 shared among 2 team members)

All i get is raising up my phone bill, sweat like a pig, bruised ankle, unlimited supply of mineral water, as well as a free 6pcs McDonalds McNuggets.

Overall: it was a good experience overall and it definitely give me the lesson of communication and team organization.

Pictures to follow:

Image hosted by
Redza briefing the participants

Image hosted by
Counting stickers at the suspension bridge, this is a HARD TASK i tell you.

Image hosted by
Peace at the Niagara Flume Ride

Image hosted by
My fav ride, Grand Canyon River Rapids

Image hosted by
A dude which i found he's superbly good looking, a pakistani Sunway/Monash student.
(you probably can't see the facts but this is a good pic)

Image hosted by
Almost sensored.
Doing task for the Red Sorento Crew (Red104.9)

Image hosted by
Squeezing the fats.
Doing task for the Red Sorento Crew (Red104.9)

Image hosted by
The Participants

Image hosted by
The Crew with 2 person that doesn't know the dress code.



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