Friday, September 02, 2005


Been lost for like a week, mainly due to my monthly regular deadlines.

Pissed with work (what's new).
Pissed that i'm nobody and i'm still nowhere.
Pissed that i have to struggle with my wallet and my bank account every single month. (which this also the reason i'm nobody and nowwhere, dun get me wrong, but wat i wanted to do, it does need some cash to start with).
Pissed that i have to just look at what the others achieve and i'm at a standstill.

maybe i should have just say that i'm fucking pissed with it but foul language is not always in my vocab. and adding to this broken language i have, it only make it worse. so i'll just leave as it is.

sick, i think i could do better, but i dunno how.


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