Tuesday, August 02, 2005


1. thick haze thick haze. Very low visility today. felt worse where everyone beside you is sick.
went for alignment today.

2. 4100 turbolight doesn't do well compare to endless & HKS. It's very thick, and eventhough it's smooth, but it's not light enough for sudden high rev.

3. don't understand why i'm always low on cash. can barely survive nowadays. - 20% credit cards, - 25% for mum, - 10% ready for the old car (yes it's getting old and needs repair) - 12.5% for savings, - the rest for daily expenses (food!!)

4. my xmas wishlist, better say it now so u guys can prepare :P
cash in any domination is welcome :)
what i'll do with the cash (if any):
- exhaust refibring
- car needs respray, badly
- fix my idling & air cond
- new set of tyres (advan neova or BFgoodrich preferred)

5. the net is very slow. wonder what happen to my comp. :(
(took me 37 minutes to load this blogger page)


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