Sunday, July 17, 2005

How Lucky

Just today, i stumbled into someone's blog accidentaly. He mention about how low our pay here compare to the states. I would like to apologise if he DOES read this blog, (but neh i don't think so) i would like to voice my comment.

Do not compare what we have here, over to another country (where ground zero happened).
Yeah our food/booze/transportation fees here is basically cost NOTHING if we do a forex math.
You are lucky because your parents can afford to send you for studies at a better country. There's alot of unlucky child that have to work even before they manage to get a certificate at the local college. We earn $$ the hard way. And trying hard to save for the future. It's hard; If you try to live the way we are living.
(and please mind my grammar ~ i'm just a poor kid who can't afford to do degree)

And yeah my RYO rolling paper had finished. That's 50 of them, (approx. 15 was smoked by others, 2 - 5 spoiled in rolling) so i basically consumed about 30 sticks over 2 & half weeks



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