Saturday, July 09, 2005


What a productive day today.

Went mahjong the night before and end up sleeping only at 5am.
Woke up at 10am, and head to VinSen's new condo, Palm Spring.
Then, we played badminton till 1pm, hohoho with ashraf, cvs, jt & pace. Geri is the 'watcher' for the day. Cos she simply sit down and watch :P

Well, then we fed ourselves with 2 large pizzas and 2 bottle of caberet sauvingon. Gosh.. my weight gone up to 0.5kg immediately! (was 51, then 51.5)

and yes, i slept, and snore at the living room.. till 7pm.
Btw, the ikea sofa is good...

Report end for today.
Bed time for me.



At 10:15 AM, July 12, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was hilarious how the boys got beaten by the girls. i left my shoes at ashraf’s, so am not equip for the game. next time, i promise, i’ll play =)


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