Thursday, June 23, 2005

Initial D reviewed

Ok spoilers ahead.

Basically, you watch, and try not to relate it to your favourive anime.
And, frankly, this show, actually made a fren of mine, loves car even more.

~ ah sue (pronounced SHE) is call Ah Muk, and he's the son of the petrol station owner. neh..
~ ah sue drives his dad's S13. and crashed.
~ The original character that drive S13 is gone
~ There is no FD, meaning the fight with FD, before FC, is not in
~ Evo 3 falls off the cliff and crashed
~ Ah Muk have another AE86 which is a Trueno and not Levin
~ AE86's 4AGe died w/o crashing. New GT engine been plonked in immediately
~ New 11K rpm is installed by Bunta, not his fren.
~ Bunta brings Takumi up Mount Akina



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