Thursday, July 14, 2005


As i was talking to Linus (his blog) today, he asked me, what's my ambition..
i was thinking to myself, well, nothing. I don't know what my ambition is.

i was literally sad.
He said, doesn't matter what you ambition is, even if it's MY AMBITION IS BEING A PROSTITUTE!
well, so somehow our conversation end somewhere but this question keep on playing on my mind.
and when i reach my car, i remember what's my ambition, or rather dream was.
it's being a professional race driver. No matter is just supersixteen, single seater or anything else. Anything to do with car & i'm handling the steering yes.

Prolly this dream is so far away that i don't even remember, or rather i know it myself motorsports in Malaysia means a BIG ZERO. unless your parents are reach enough to sponsor you.
Why? We spend millions on hockey players that never go to the final. And what happen to our first F1 driver? Nowhere.

If i see him again, i'll let him know what's my ambition is. Well, at least i have 1.



At 6:13 AM, August 10, 2005, Blogger Linus Linnaeus said...

Dear Mei Fong,

Glad I was bored out of my mind and we had that talk really...because in my opinion life doesn't offer much avenue to just talk or become friends nowadays...and ever since elaine introduced us I am like yeah...i know her but I don't if you get what I mean...anyway...sorry to have hurt your feelings but I hope that it's nice to revisit your watch a beautiful film called augustine king of kung fu's a wonderful it and you'll may not be too late to achieve drop a note once in a while...or come by my blog and share...have you seen my blog on first kisses? hehehehehe...comelah...and leave yours...for now take care in the wicked haze.



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