Monday, July 25, 2005

August is over

Finally the august issue been sent over to printer.

and bastard li shen, i didn't you are are a keen follower of this blog. hehe
here's his

and, i mentioned that i KNOW WHAT I WANT! just that i totally forgotten about it.
and i didn't know why no one tell me there's this occupation called pilot?


and, finally i my car is back! and it feels great! Steering rack bushing been replaced. Missing nut (YES MISSING) at steering rack been screwed back, lower arm being changed, serviced absorber being fitted in. It's just great! and i love corner all over again :D

and got myself the quotation of the local PU bushing for the whole front, cost would below 500.
(and pls remind me save money on this)

next service is due and thanks to James (avantgarde) for getting the motul range. Yes i'll be there for servicing when the time comes, which is just 1000km (2 & 1/2 weeks) away.
time to do major service as well. (pls remind AGAIN me save money)


i was rather pissed last week, because i've actually met people with low responsibility. Shut down & discard workload when it's 6.01pm, even deadline already been past. Missing a layouter during the deadline is bad, and having an employee that do auto shut down is worse.

Am going out for french toast & hot honey, cough is coming, headache & sorethroat doesn't help either.

my throat is itchyyyyyyyyyy, can someone please scratch it! arrrghhhhhh...
(and y am i not taking MC like the rest?)



At 11:23 AM, July 26, 2005, Anonymous Li Shen said...

Hahaha... Yes, i guess you can say that I'm a "keen follower" of your blog. =)

And who's that oh-so-cruel fella who dumped all the work and left you all alone on a daedline week?


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