Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nice Packaging

i'd always like nice packaging. doesn't matter if it's 2D, or 3D. my room ended up with dust & what most think that's rubbish coz i love to keep stuff that i felt it's nice. i've been keeping this psysical mailer from KENT since god know when(kay prolly it started 3 - 4 years ago). All the die-cut envelopes, the pull-out sheet that been cleverly made, boxes (metal & paper), nicely designed ciggy boxes etc etc.

well my point is, i've been smiling delightfully and my mood turned good once i got this paperbag. (as pictured on the left with 2 boxes of kent deluxe.)

it's simple, just a paperbag to pack the ciggys, and yet it bring so much satisfaction to me. wonder why.

1 of the latest identify series of psysical mailer.



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