Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Scam or not?

I'm extremely busy, but i just have to put this online.

Today, a ok-looking, quite well built man walking up the office and asking the admin manager if he can speak to the person who owns the white-EK parked below my office.

So, he introduce himself, and telling me that my car, is suitable for their commercial shooting which will be held tmmr, 25th August @ Makro Shah Alam. After asking where he's from, i followed him down to his car and i've got his namecard.

After much explaination, he told me that my car will be needed from 7am to 7pm, tmmr.
Why he's in a rush is because the actual car pulled out due to some reason, and he needs a white 2 door EK. Remuneration will be paid but did not say how much. So LMF asked if there's any b&w to be signed as prove, etc. He said, no but if you want to, i can come out with a letter.
He left after i told him that i'll consider about it, and i shall give him a call.

Not long after (maybe about an hour or so), he came back with the said letter, and also the storyboard together. (see images below)

I've actually asked for opinions from Linus, and yes he told me it's possible, they do cast cars like that. I've also got someone to call up the office number and it's legit.

Now, is this a scam or wat? It's neutral now cos i didn't happened yet. I mean, you want me to hand my keys to some strangers, i'm sorry dude. It's my car and that's my life.

Welcome for comments. True or Scam.

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At 7:24 PM, August 24, 2005, Anonymous Li Shen said...

This is just my opinion, ok?

I say: DON'T rent it to them! You might not see your car again.

Just imagine this: Yes, they are able to come up with the letter and all, and of course you've called and checked. But the afct is that, if they really wana scam your car from right under your nose, of course they can produce a fake letter.

This could also mean that the number you dail might be fake, and someone is jsut standing by expecitng you to call.

If you really wanna consider renting them your car, teach you something: ask for the bugger's IC to keep as deposit. If the fella run away with your car, report to police right away.

Also, get him to sign something that says something like:

I, so-and-so, will let LMF keep my ORIGINAL IDENTITY CARD as a deposit for the rental of her car, pleate number 12345.

If the car is NOT returned to her by 7pm, she can call the police and report that her car is stolen, and I, so-and-so, willbe held responsible for it.

If the car is return to her in time, a rental of RM$$$ wll be paid to her as token of appreciation for helping us in the making of a God-Knows-What Sdn.Bhd. commercial.

I can bet that the fella won't sign that.

At 1:57 PM, September 02, 2005, Blogger Gina said...

No - don't do it "at all". If they have the money to rent a car from a perfect stranger than they have the money to rent from a car rental or some professional props company (which any real commercial advisor would already be aware of and using). There is also the issue of liability, why would a reputable company risk damaging a strangers car who could sue them, that's a potential lawsuit and bad PR for them..... professionals who make big campaigns for big corps don't approach strangers for props. protect yourself by not dealing with this person at all.

At 9:51 PM, September 04, 2005, Blogger LMF said...

hey gina, thks for the advise. Issue of liability is a issue over your states, but here, neh.. it's hard for me to prove that my car is problem free, and so does them.

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