Thursday, September 08, 2005


It was always on my mind that shld i opt for the 1.8 block or go straight to the 2.0 block (when i have the moo-lah)

discussion been going on that i shld go for the 1.8 block first, and then i have the next moo-lah, get the 2.0 block and chuck all the internals from the 1.8 to 2.0 to get a stronger & higher rev 2.0.

but since the news yesterday, (see below in italics)

As for private cars, road tax on those with engine capacities lower than 1,000cc will be RM30 a year; and those between 1,000cc and 1,600cc will enjoy a 50% reduction on road tax.

Road tax on motorcycles between 151cc and 250cc will also go down by 50%, while those 150cc and below will continue to not attract road tax.

The reductions will take effect from next Monday (12 Sept 05)

i decided to keep my original block. meaning now, i don't have to comtemplate myself to waste $ to register this 1.6 block or wait for my new 1.8.
wise decision, now i know that i'll concentrate on cams and management. 1.6(1595cc to be precise) stays.


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