Tuesday, September 06, 2005

mood = 0


- acc. being emptied again for usual debts & routine payments, bills.
- besides the acc, my heart felt empty as well, prolly of my usual routine, as i felt like sharing with fellow readers here.

8.15am wake up (sometimes does laze till 8.30, which will make me late to work and kena sounding even more)
8.40am warming up the car, day dreaming/point blank starts in the car
8.45am start my journey
9.15am - 9.20am (sometimes 9.25am) reaching BU to pick up a colleague
9.35am reached the office and making my morning dose
10.00am officially start working
12.30pm boring and hot lunch places (which my RM4 daily budget is on till end of every month)
1.30pm back in the hot and warm, sometimes headache and felt sick
3.00pm don't feel like working, will usually surf boring websites that will make me feel more bored. hate looking at some blogs as i see how they perfoming over the last SS0, their new gadgets, their upgrades..... fighting myself till 6pm
6.00pm ++ way back to office, passing by mechanic shop, look and drool, go home, jam, sien, bored, fighting traffic everyday.
reached home, bored with daily astro dose, dinner, shower, astro astro and sleep
and it goes like that every single day

- and some dissapointment, i shouldn't be saying out loud, as it's not even happened (or never will). it's something not i wanted to do, but it will be a good experience for me.

- wanted to join GRA and autocross so much but with the budget i'm living, i might as well as forget forget about it.

- oh a new haircut does add the salt to the wound. fugging ugly it is

conclusion: i'm back in negative form. and i hate that i can't write well.


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