Wednesday, October 26, 2005


as i was expecting some package late last week (last wednesday/thursday) from POSlaju, it didn't arrive.

and being a busy woman, i totally forgotten about the case till on Monday. Then, since i've got the tracking number, (ED283_ _ _ _ _ _MY) i went to check online (

To the horor i found:
1. 19-Oct-2005 16:25 FAIL DELIVERY

*PL14 card = yellow card which you can do self collection at the POSlaju office.

i double checked with my receptionist manager if there's any package/card under my name. "Nop there's nothing for you" she said.

i started to feel that they are hopeless. The delivery address is an OFFICE! The percentage of being FAIL DELIVERY during office hour is almost 0.
I thought, the puasa month and they skipped a few location and just say it's fail delivery? possible. maybe they are too tired, or maybe it's too hot out there. They might get melted.

Anyways, i called the POSlaju office number that's shown on the website which is
Pusat Poslaju Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-22632600

and the office number been changed to 1300 number. Fine, no annoucement on the site. so i've called. 1300-300-300

Tekan 1 untuk BM, Press 2 for English. Press 0 to speak to our customer service.
.... did nothing, and i've been route to 'Our Customer Service will attend to you shortly.
ok good.

So, a very polite male voice. I've been told, that this package have 2 delivery attempt yet it's failed. So they can't do the 3rd attempt.
"I would like to do self collection, but i don't have the yellow card with me." I said.
Oh you can bring this number to our collection center. You don't need the yellow card.


Thank you so much officer. And thanks for your patience.

My anger been eased down, as he was too polite for me to complain.

The next day after i collected the package (there's no sign of their new 1300 number and the old 22632600 number still around in their office), i got to know that the yellow card went to the SENDER's ADDRESS instead!!
Now i got a reason to believe that they mistaken SENDER's ADDRESS with RECEIPENT's ADDRESS!
wah lau.... you eyes blind meh mr. POS officer?

Pengirim - Penerima, tak boleh differentiate ka?

The moral of the story is, have a polite & patience customer service if you know the rest of the department screws up occasionally. :)

Have a nice day people!


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