Monday, October 03, 2005

past weekend update 2

i really wanted to get this book. Carolyn 101 (click for more) Retailed at 89.90, and i think i'll wait till my financial recovered. Won't have time to read it right now anyway.

next, i've got my broken wiper replaced with the lifetime waranty silicone wiper. Hopefully it will rain today, really wanted to see the difference between the rubber & silicone wiper.
(this old pair of wiper last 2 yrs)

Gotten a pair of new philips H4 bulb as well when i found that it's hard to navigate at night. Not too sure if it's my scratched headlights that need laquer, or the bulbs are dying. Nevertheless, it cost about RM12 each at eneos and i might as well as get it replaced first.
and yes i have NO INTENTION to go to any HIDs.
Festive season coming up and there will be alot of legal-road-daylight-robbers looking for faults in 992. It has enough of offence already even w/o the HIDs.
(old h4 lasted 5 years plus)

replaced the rear 6X9 speakers with sony xplod. Cheap bargain speakers found at cash converters PJ. Look exactly like new, with unused wire, box, plastic, and speaker cover attached. RM78 for this pair of decent 40W 3-way.
(Normal retail price RM250)
(old speakers lasted 5 yrs plus)

and i realized that this post is all about buying. And it only happens on the first week of every month. Well, regular wage earning like me only could afford to buy little and stay poor for the rest of the month.

Kudos for spending less than 200 on 992 this month and only replace what's necessary.



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