Tuesday, October 04, 2005


When i was catching a movie last 2 weeks (if not mistaken), we went for dinner @ A&W. While i desperately need some cash, i went all the way down to the lowest floor where the Public Bank ATM located.

After i've done with it, there's a man in his 20's approaching me, and stuffed me with a laminated paper. (no don't worry, it's not robbery.. yet) So he start explaning that he's from WWF and he's not asking for money. (Yeah right!) After some 10 minutes explanation which i reluctant to hear but being too polite to just give him back the broucher as i was already late for my movies and friends were waiting, he starting saying the REAL meaning behind all these explaination.

Yeah, he need RM30/40/50 donation MONTHLY, deducted from my maybank account (phew i don't have it) OR any credit card. I felt ridiculous. He should have go study the Malaysian economics, if not try reading the papers. Alot of us, Malaysian can barely survive with the salary we are making. And YES I'M PART OF these Malaysian. Gosh. As i would feel obligated to donate maybe a ringgit or two, but not a monthly donation. WORSE, we owe banks thks to this killer plastic we carry in our wallet, now you want me to swipe it? and pay you monthly?

Hello!!!? anyone home? i need donation too. If i have enough for donation, i will. But not now, not this time. and the donation, according to the guy, is not even for animal welfare! it's for the dying treesssss!!!

call me ignorant. whatever. but eating home packed lunch at pantry everyday trying to save some dime it's not something fun to do, overtime.



At 1:05 PM, October 11, 2005, Blogger juan1252 said...

i actually signed up for that....hahahahha YES, i am saving those TREES


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