Thursday, October 27, 2005

What the reality is

Directly quoted from Mr. Patrick Teoh's TOKKOK.

1. I pay taxes, cukai pintu etc. but the water that comes out of my tap is not fit for drinking. And so I spend more money buying those water filters. Now that's become a "keeping up with the Jones' "fad too. My filter is better, shinier than yours. Mine costs more than yours. And big business is laughing all the way to the bank.

2. I go to see a movie. Pay the ticket price and then get screwed by scratched prints, bad sound and censor's butchering. But that has been the subject of another bellyaching session here. (Go to "Pay Money Orso Cannot Get Ah? Niamah!" below)

3. I pay good money to park in a parking lot so that I can patronise and spend more money in some shopping mall. Then I get accosted by signs that tell me the management is not responsible for anything that happens to my car while in that parking lot.

4. I pay tolls so that I can drive smoothly from one place to another. Then I get stuck in a traffic jam just to pay my toll.

5. I pay good money to get hooked up to a satellite TV network. Then I get out-of-date programmes that my Singaporean friends keep reminding me are so "last season" leh. Of course these satellite TV flers are constantly coming up with new "packages" which means that you need to pay more and more money for programmes that you don't want to watch. Simply because the programmes you want to watch will packaged with those that you don't.

Just.... well-said. Exactly what's on my mind. Only with better language combination.
That's Negaraku, where i live in. And it's true, we're better than Ghana.
(At least i still can enjoy my 2-tone discolored 8400rpm shift point)



At 3:00 AM, October 29, 2005, Anonymous 368 said...

dun look at Negaraku so badly. it aint that bad. there are lots of things that we are enjoying. with little money, we can get quite alot. obviously u can't compare us with spore and well developed countries.

there is no way u can startup a company with low cost, there is no way we can get "ahem" CDs for RM10 and there is no way u can get RM3.50 noodles...etc etc etc when u are in foreign land. even spore has to buy eggs from us. and its so expensive for s'pore, japan and Hk to own a car/house.

try appreciating it a little more and have hope future generations.

dun like it here, migrate lor...

At 1:57 PM, October 29, 2005, Blogger LMF said...

aiyo madam 368 u think i duwan migrate meh?

where to get money? me not born with gold-key neh.

with average income i'd prolly saved enough when i'm 70.

that time is the time to cehck out the new land at Nirvana mah.

and that's y Malaysian can only complain.

and with the amount of thieves happening as if that's normal, more fedup i am.

forgive me, it's a bad day for me.

At 4:55 AM, October 30, 2005, Anonymous 368 said...

haha Nirvana is expensive ok! get something cheaper laa, but then again. whole life living like a Proton, might as well have Nirvana for a change, thats like Lexus? keke

well, u're forgiven. cheer up LMF, u have to wake up and face the day ahead. face it with courage.

yours always, 368


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