Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hong Kong Part 5 of XX

OK i'm gonna keep this short, 14 pairs of socks for HKD140, (with further 10% discount with HSBC Credit Card)
And went crazy in the Hard Rock Boutique. I really really liked the Hard Rock Headphone T.

Went rounding in HK Station and stumbled with HMV. So i got 2 magazines, Total Film & GT.
Bossini storewide discount made me crazy, and i've got few M&M's T, an overcoat (which makes everyone turned their head and think it's something wrong with me whenever i wear it in the mall back in KL), kinda like that feeling.

And i finally managed to buy something from esprit. On the 7th day. I've gone crazy and HKD1000 poorer. Can never imagine i got an esprit membercard from HK as the outcome.

But really, it's a bargain. I got a shirt, and few clothes here & there, 2 pants for HKD 299 each, (that's about RM130). I went checking the price in KL and found the pants are new arrival, selling RM229. Shit, that's RM100 savings per pants.

I'm losing track on the things i bought already.



At 10:07 PM, January 30, 2008, Blogger Adele said...

hey lmf.. just dropped by to say hello. am a fan of hard rock Ts..ever since i got my very first one from sydney aussie! hope all is well and perhaps see you when i get back!


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