Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hong Kong Part 4 of XX

Alright let's check out my 4th day.

I'm getting bored with shopping already. Legs doesn't belong much to me anymore.

And so this time i went to Temple street, after I've finally getting the boot I've been eyeing for even in KL. 30% off on this Timberland boot. HKD 679, (that's about RM313), Timberland KL is selling it RM499!!! Shit i'm so proud.

What's in Temple street, nothing much, stalls, and people. I've got back few fridge magnets and a road plate. no joke.

Cheongsam blouse, waiting for my belly to go smaller, oh and i'm so proud of the Nazi Hat. Damn it.

And and and.. i found out some real bargain from HK, i'll talk about it in next post



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