Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hong Kong Part 3 of XX

On the 3rd day, the shopping mood had arrived!

Stop at Shum Sui Pou station and Apliu Streets for digital stuff (mp3, phones, cameras, binoculars, photography equipments) but what i found on the street markets are much more than digital stuffs.

I've got a 1:1 scale Glock (BB bullets) at HKD 40. That's about RM18 here, and it's illegal back in KL. Woo hoo!! Oh, and coincidence, i found a cross-shoulder gun holster (oh my gawd). Selling about RM25, it also can be found in KL for RM180.

And of course something for my car, something ah lian enough :P

Next, I went in the shops of Bossini, and i found M&M's 'bedazzled' T. Goodness. And they're throwing it away for RM30.



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