Monday, September 03, 2007


Streamyx decided to blocked our website's IP. Streamyx actually block our whole office's most frequently visit IP.

It's just like, i can view A company's website, can't view my own website, and A company can view my website but not his own website. What the fuXX is wrong?

Countless call had been made the the TMnet's support, but the call end up being, we're providing support and the problem you are facing need techical support, our techical support has already file your complaint but there's no answer from the team yet.

I can't even go to google sometimes. It automatically redirects me to with answer to google when i type in my URL box. Funny eh.
My MSN doesn't work too. It's either my MSN is ok but I won't be able to browse the web. Or my MSN is not ok but i can check out the websites. Today, its ridiculous because i can't do both. So much for 50 years of independance.

I have to steal my neighbour's wifi to get online.
Anyone wanna write me a letter for Malay Mail Hotline?



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