Saturday, August 04, 2007

H for Hot

This one caught me on surprise. In the morning my rpm was on the 2,000rpm. Suspecting something amiss i plan to make a trip to the mech when able. So by the night, i was speeding home. And while looked, this is what i got. Darn, so i drop the gear as i approach the wide corner, it goes down immediately. Now, talking to myself, it might be the fan not working hard enough.

Anyway, the reservoir tank was dry. And there's smoke. Even before that, the reservoir tank was giving problem. Upon checking, guess what, its neither any of the problem suspected.
My head was gone. I mean my head gasket is a goner. Leaving my radiator oily, and me basically transport breakdown. And so happen, i've got to go KLCC & Mid Valley on the same day.

Taking LRT to KLCC wasn't a hassle, just time consuming. And thinking how could i get to Mid Valley, it's either, make a stop in Bangsar & wait for bus/feederbus/cab. Or be a lil adventurous and try the KTM Komuter. Being lazy, i did the Bangsar stop. And then i realize i have 1 X 50 note. Nothing else. No change for bus fare, not too sure if bus takes Touch & Go, risk getting scolded by cabbie, i decided to call for backup. And 30 mins later, a friend came pick me up.

While i was stuck at the bus stop, i've given direction to 2 tourist, and 1 local. Not too bad yeah.



At 11:07 PM, August 05, 2007, Anonymous v0ices said...

Hmm.. a season of overheating? My car overheated too... But it was due to a belt and pulley problem.

I still owe you marney! When you free? Dinner? Lunch?

At 4:34 PM, August 06, 2007, Blogger LMF said...

u are not reading. i said my head gasket is gone.

let's call for TT. i'm depressed & bored to death already.


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