Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yellowman Still Alive

There's speculation about Yellowman died, out of campaign weeks ago. Curious enough, a look into DiGi's HQ revealed that Yellowman had gone for traning, to bring a stronger coverage to you. And to beat up the ah beng that talk on the phone in the cinema maybe. (as seen in major TV/cinema ad)

Check these proof out.

A group of overweight, teletubby Yellowman.
Under going training.

And here you go, the beefed up Yellowman!!!! With 3 signal. Now we hope the ah beng & the ah lian out there don't talk on the phone too much....

A spy video of New Yellowman Campaign.

Meanwhile Yellowman bootcamp video is located here.



At 1:55 AM, August 04, 2007, Blogger jesly_lpy said...

So far I been away from M'sia, I didn't know anything about this yellow at all. After reading ur blog, I also find out a lot of yellowman advert which I finds it very interesting and hilarious. Thanks for sharing mate!


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