Monday, July 23, 2007

La Brassiere

La Senza is my favourite brassiere store now. Being loyal for so many years to the brand T, it's getting more expensive by the day and lousier design by the night. La Senza, part of FJ Benjamin group is having sale now where for a usual RM129 per piece, you can now get the soon-gonna-be-out-of-season-brassiere (wait, who knows if you wearing last season's piece except your other half, which prolly won't realize anyway) in a heavily discounted price. 3 for RM180, that's a almost 50% discount.
Yeap.. girls, especially if you have the unusual-out-of-the-odinary-cup sizes, head to La Senza tonight after work (or school), you prolly able to still get your sizes. That's my advice.



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