Friday, March 30, 2007

Don't Stare at the TV


Don't stare at the TV too much.
Kids, don't watch TV it's it's not 30 feet away.
Don't on your TV so long.
And don't play with your PS3 too long. They need rest.
This happen to our colleague, at first we thought we was watching porn and the TV couldn't take it but in reality it blew up and fell of the stand. Just like that. The TV was off.
Beware for those who drives. It happened a time and twice to a fren of mine. A middle age guy came, sounded like from China or Taiwan and approach you when you in the car asking for money due to his friend had left him (or never show up or any kind of similar reason) so you could give him your money.
Not too kinda sure what will happen next, will they actually jampi you or wat. I didn't wind down my window and i zoom off ignoring him. He walked to the next victim. Just beware. Mine happened somewhere in PJ, and my fren kena twice. Once at SS2 and just now at Kepong. Same technique. It's kinda impossible for 3 different person asking at 3 different place at 3 different time.
So please, keep your kind heart away this time. It just won't work in the society we live in.



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