Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Karting Day

Been a while since i sat on that small cute mini no gear 4 wheelers.
Also found out that on every sunday there's a legal mat-rempit gathering showing off their superman and 1 wheelie skills.

It's kinda scary though especially there's like hundreds of kapcai in that area. [It's shah alam btw]

On average, my working hours has gone up to 12 hours. I've lost my social life, i've lost my time to enjoy a good weekend. If i did prolly will end up having troubles on my ass.

Hmm.. Interesting job, never felt so anxious facing with work and i definitely look.. depressed. Actually some of our colleagues too. And the bosses as well.
Oh, and i'm gonna be away next week for business trip. I wonder if i can actually walk the singkapoh with my heels whole day or not.

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