Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's CNY again

hmm what u did during CNY ah?
i sleep, wake up, lie on the sofa, TV surfing, sleep, eat, shower, became chauffeur, tired, eat, drink, sleep, go home, sleep, TV surfing. And every house got the same type of cookies. I'm gonna bring mine to office next week so it wouln't last till next years'.

Astro been showing crap shows like Alan Tam (and Hacken Lee) concert. Then 2-years ago this-and-that award presentation. Free TV had better choice though this year. At least there's 1 programmed that manage to keep me from switching away.

The cinema is packed, and Ghost Rider is almost sold out in every session. Go 1-U and maybe you'll take about an hour to find a decent parking after fighting with the old unker in proton saga.

I was longing or work since the first day on CNY. I get sick when i stay too long in the confined area. Must be lack of oxygen. (and hate being a chauffeur) But now, sitting on the desk, i wanna go back to sleep. My eyes sores, my back is pain.

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At 2:31 AM, February 26, 2007, Blogger zewt said...

crazy... i dread going to work tomm... need a long time to kickstart my brain!


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