Wednesday, January 24, 2007


ok i have to say this. I was in a meeting half an hour ago, and suddenly my phone ring.

S: Hello, are you meifoong?
Me: err.. ya. Who's there?
S: Harlo i'm steven. you got honda civic right?
Me: ok. Which Steven?
S: Er i meet you before in Aman Suria. That time you servicing your car.
Me: err.. har.. ok so?
S: your honda civic is 1.8 ah?
Me: no. 1.6. Why?
S: got vtec ah?
Me: err.. yes?
S: No i wanna ask u if u wan to drag or not
Me: (WTF!!) Har drag no la aiyo can u call me back 2 hours later ah, i'm in the meeting la.
S: Aiya 2 hours so long ah. Ok ok.
Me: (tuut..tuut..tuut..tuut)

Ish.. Seriously, is this kind of 'stranger' invitation is common? I dunno this Steven.

ok my next question. What car? How much the bet this time?

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