Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Real Story

Seriously, the excerpt below came from real story, almost real time happening.

I, sent a notice out to the rest of the staff regarding, Simple Xmas Dinner.

Date: 22nd Dec 06 (Friday)
Time: 3pm till late (late means
after dark)
Where: Address 1 from 3 - 6pm, Address 2 for BBQ,
6pm onwards

As usual, this year we gonna have a lil drinking session before the year ends, a little present exchange just to see how creative you guys are, and after 6pm, we gonna have prolly bottomless W's (Wine & Whisky) and soft drinks & also our FIRST BBQ above the OFFICE after 6pm.

First step: go get a gift that is no less than RM10, well it can worth 100s too if you are generous, wrap it up and place it under the xmas tree before 20th December.

Second step:
Try to finish up all your work are done for the 22nd before 3pm.

Third step:
Have some fun with the useless gift you get, eat, BBQ some chickens & sausages, get drunk etc.

Fourth step:
Enjoy the coming LONG HOLIDAYS.

Fifth step:
Be prepared to come back to work harder after the holidays.

Somehow, a department manager got a question back from a programmer regarding the dinner.

Programmer: I read only got bbq but I didnt know we will close and force all
peoples out.

So my boss, came out with a language in hope that he will actually understand what the email is about. Below is his language.



At 4:46 PM, December 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5:00 PM, December 20, 2006, Anonymous v0ices said...

I want to go too.
Can I invite myself?
I'll bring a gift....

At 10:34 AM, December 21, 2006, Blogger LMF said...

Bry, see if can force the bosses to have 10th Anniversary in ballroom or something. Fat chance

KY, quit perintis la.


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