Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Food Entry

So all i did was EAT when there's no work. IF you have no where to eat, try the below.

Celestial Steakhouse International (CSI). Dataran Glomac, located behind Giant Kelana Jaya.Food was kinda slow for lunch though. So unless you are having executive lunch, maybe can try during dinner. Excuse given was to ensure the 'FRESHNESS' so food will only be prepared when ordered (maybe then they shouldn't have the word SET LUNCH. Had a Hoegaarden at RM15. That's quite expensive. And there's only 5% tax.
Nice food though. Will go again. My feast of a set lunch & beer cost about RM30
Oh, and all sorts of Tabasco sauce are available there too.

Sorry i really forgot the name of the restaurant because it was so good. It's opposite Spicy Kitchen Hartamas. Ground Floor. Red signboard. Japanese BBQ. Miso soup burning in paper, mashed potato with butter. Kim-Chim mushroom with butter. Pork & beef. yum yum. 4 person cost less than Rm200.

Mee york in Desa Aman Puri. The chili quite hot too. Different variety, with added lala, or prawn. For those not into chili, the herbal chicken mee is nice too.

Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant. Situated in The Place, Damansara Perdana. Too much food for 4 person, but we can't stop ordering.
Beef sushi, miso soup, temaki roll, salmon sushi, cheese chicken, soy sauce chicken stick, 'dunno-wat-soup, and dunno what sushi. Sorry was abit drunk with the hot sake there. It was good, just don't order too much next time. It comes up to RM200 for 4. Can't smoke inside though.

Seafood porridge, freaking big claypot!! That's the portion for 3 person. RM42. Recommended for small eaters to order 2 person's portion instead cos we can't finish it.
Located at PJ State, beside UOB Bank, at night there serves braised duck rice. During lunch time there's other stalls, incl this porridge. They only serve seafood porridge.

And during our porridge meal earlier, thought of the Seremban Ketam-Bakar. Just 1 hour drive from KL, exit at Seremban, when reaching Terminal 1 (Bus station & Complex) turn left at the traffic. Go straight till you see 'PUSAT MAKANAN SEREMBAN'. In chinese, the signboard mention about 'SIU-HAI' though. 2 crabs + vege + meat for 5 person is not enough though. Shld order 1 crab each. Anyway, the crab is nice cos of the honey on the shell. And the way the break the shell is amazingly good. Easy to eat. No hard peeling. Less than RM100 for 5.

Burp. Report ends.



At 5:56 PM, December 13, 2006, Blogger ah nel said...

i day went to more than 4 place to eat...

At 11:41 AM, December 14, 2006, Blogger LMF said...

noooooo.. it's 6 diff restaurants. And there was a 3 days holiday remember?

At 6:05 PM, December 15, 2006, Anonymous blek said...

the japanese restaurant name MOMOTALO (hmm..duno spelling correct not. hehe.)

At 10:58 AM, December 18, 2006, Blogger LMF said...

ya ya it start with M but.. really can't make up the rest of the words. Haha nevermind.


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