Saturday, November 18, 2006


side note** some setting gone wrong at my template. i know. too busy to fix. sorry bout that**

Autoworld GRA Report[]
(check out some of the silly pictures of me)

[What is GRA?]

This Grassroot thing is no longer a pleasure but a pressure. Most probably. Sigh.
I loan a full face from KY in hope that no one will recognise me. At least not before the run or anything.

But meeting more enthusiasts was really excellent especially Mr Julian & YSKhong himself.
Maybe i'll post the 'million dollar' picture with Mr Khong putting up the stickers for me. Hehe.

Till then adios, should be sleeping early tonight. And.. no sex. Yes, you heard me right. The fun should be concerntrated on tomorrow's event. Will keep posted on how many cones i managed to kill tomorrow.



At 12:27 PM, November 20, 2006, Blogger KY said...

happy or not? :P


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