Monday, January 15, 2007

Chinese New Year

Once again, the annoying music starts playing, right after the Xmas.
Other than getting angpows, probably there's nothing more enjoyable, except some mahjong & pokers maybe.

Oh ya, in M'sia, ppl used to get free angpow packets (red packets) FOC from hypermarkets, insurance agencies, departmental stores, banks etc. Heck, even Cinema Online got angpow this year.

But in other places like Hong Kong, they BUY their angpow packets. And how important are you to the angpow 'giver' are determined by the design of the angpow. So if you like your niece (or your next door neighbour's daughter' alot, you should be giving them VERY VERY NICE design angpows. [What's inside it's another story]

So, will you be getting angpow packet from Giant, Magnum 4D or Maybank?

Nice 3D Red Packets from Hong Kong. With gold dust borders around.
Look carefully. Only the first red packet is in 3D. The rest are just normal red packets.



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