Monday, August 13, 2007

MAM Roadshow, Batu Kawan, Penang

MAM's 2nd Road Show held at Stadium Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang on 11th August 2007 (Saturday) at 6.00p.m. in conjunction with 'Program Sukan Malam' organised by the Ministry of Youth & Sports, Malaysia. There will be lots of activities including Autosprint Competition for cars. MAM stands for Motorsports Association Malaysia or you may log on to

Few GRA members went to support the roadshow, there's few of us driving up all the way from KL.

This is probably my slowest drive ever. 80km/h all the way, started my journey about 10am, i've reach the island about 3pm. Half way in the R&R, my tyres became so rubberised that it looked it it just came out from Sepang.

Arrived at Stadium about 6pm, and darn there's a HUGE car park without curbs in between. Nice! But it's too sandy. By 7.30pm we've registered and got our comp number. The scrutt was kinda complete because they checks that all covers are tighten.
By 9pm we're starting our practise runs. So everyone rush to the line to get their turn. Some skipped, it was chaos as there isnt any proper instructions. Not long after, the practice run was held up because the spectators are standing too near to the circuit. After about hundred annoucement being made, the RELA guys are forcing them to step back. Seriously, i think they didn't understand, or the spectators didn't even know it's about them.

The practise run takes forever and, finally at 10.45pm, they are stopping all practise runs. My time did not appear in the sheet, but my 2nd driver have 3 names on the practise run time.
By 12am, there's no annoucement on when it's the start of the first timed run. There's nothing. Until 12.30am. 7 packed and preparing to go home. Left 3 of us, Charlene, Unker Champ and me. I went back to hotel after my first run. Only Unker Champ stayed after that. It ended around 2.30am, and finally the result is out. At 4.30am.

This is a completely waste of time, petrol, my tyres, everything. And the circuit, it's too sandy, the car is out of control everywhere. I wasn't going too fast either. I'm 10 secs behind unker champ.


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