Friday, January 18, 2008

Cheap Car, Cheap Standard

The protruding plastic part of the car seat hurt my leg. And, for going in & out of the car for 3 times, it's already bruised. This came in factory fitting. So i can rant all i want. Any idea what car is this?
And seriously, who's the clever ass designer that decides to put BRIGHT BLUE STRIKING bulbs/interface for the meter? And who the hell sign the damn paper?
Try to drive the car at night, and all you see was blue lights. It is sooooo distracting that even if you dont look at the damn meter, its poking your eyes like a knife.

But anyway, the car is cheap, and it's not mine. I just thought that i could do a better job at these. I'd cry if i owe this car.

Malfunctions/Problem spotted on first day of driving.

1. Noise when clutch pressed half way. (Release/full clutch in is ok)
2. Buzzing sound as if i'm in a karaoke room, where the mic intefere's with the speakers
3. Blower air-cond switch that
a. cannot be moved freely as if there's spring holding it
b. functionless. No matter where it points, it still blow straight to your face.

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At 10:42 PM, January 24, 2008, Anonymous Ken said...

What you expect? it's a potong...


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