Thursday, June 30, 2005

Roll Your Own

After i did my first RYO cigarettes thks to Jimmy, i think i'm gonna try it myself.

Bought the Roller (RM12.99) just now at Giant, and i'm going to get the filter/paper & the tobacco later cos Giant is out of choices.

I saw some at Mid Valley yesterday but due to i'm rushing, i did not stop by to look.

I'm gonna look for some at 7E later.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

new workstation

Alrite, now i'm officially on an island. my super long table, been moved so my previous table could fit 2 tables instead.

and i've made my boss to sit on small little tiny typist desk & small chair. LOL!
i've got the whole phone to myself now. call me yah! ext 25!!

hmm. and i think i sense some jealousy among colleagues too. They wanted my table. Although, she's having my old workspace, but she got a smaller table.. hmm...

ok picture shall follows

view from editorial island

view from pteam island

my old workstation where my 72 inches table were.

p/s: i manage to sell my old lower console at USD26 which totally covers my cost of the new-used console with cup holder :P
the wonder of ebay!!

click me to view! (this link can view till end of sept 2005)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Initial D reviewed

Ok spoilers ahead.

Basically, you watch, and try not to relate it to your favourive anime.
And, frankly, this show, actually made a fren of mine, loves car even more.

~ ah sue (pronounced SHE) is call Ah Muk, and he's the son of the petrol station owner. neh..
~ ah sue drives his dad's S13. and crashed.
~ The original character that drive S13 is gone
~ There is no FD, meaning the fight with FD, before FC, is not in
~ Evo 3 falls off the cliff and crashed
~ Ah Muk have another AE86 which is a Trueno and not Levin
~ AE86's 4AGe died w/o crashing. New GT engine been plonked in immediately
~ New 11K rpm is installed by Bunta, not his fren.
~ Bunta brings Takumi up Mount Akina


Saturday, June 18, 2005


Player is back!!! muhahaha but i'm RM200 poorer.
It's clearer than ever!

I'm suppose to get my ass to office today, but being so lazy i slept from 10 - 2. Afternoon, w/o aircond.

Sigh, it's 3pm now and no point going there anymore.
Shall be more determine, be at office at 10 tmmr, and i shall work work work till 3. Nice.

I've got my replacement absorber as well, thks to daniel & bryan :)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Need a cure for hiccups?

Believe me, next time you have hiccups, try find a prey and give them a deep kiss, prefeably tonguing action. You hiccups will be gone before you know it.

All the drink water, stop breaththing are useless.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Family Story

Once, there was a family known as Bolehland. In 1985, they were blessed with their first born, Ploton. The family loved Proton all they can. They gave Proton everything. They protected Proton from the bigger boys in Kindergarten. They told Proton, "You're young, you need protection from them. It's okay to make mistakes, you're young. Even if you don't learn from's are young."

Ploton became spoilt. He always depended on parents and used up all his allowance on useless things. When he had to do his chores, he paid people to do it and the work is lousy, causing the parents having to call repairmen to fix all the mess that he made.

Anyway, when Ploton was 10 (but he still acted like he is 1 or 2 years old), he had a younger brother, P2. At first, everyone thought this younger brother will be like Ploton. Anyway, this new baby was more > >> handsome and looks smarter than Ploton. Bolehland knew there is a possibility P2 could be smarter than Ploton. Since they love
Ploton so much, they decided that P2 can only learn a few things. cannot learn the same thing as Ploton. This is so that P2 wouldn't beat Ploton at what Ploton is doing.

Although P2 was also protected by Bolehland, he learn to be independent very fast. He made good friends with Daihatsu, who had an elder brother Toyota. The two of them helped P2 in everything. P2, being independent and smart, learnt a lot and in a short while, was becoming as good as, if not better, than Ploton.

Bolehland realized that P2 was becoming better than his brother. Although proud of P2, they still love Ploton best. They paid Lotus(which is older and well known worldwide) to be friends with Ploton. Using this advantage, Ploton mentioned Lotus everytime he wanted to tell people about himself. On this own, he was still the same.

Moreover, Ploton is always not updated. When doing his work, he still uses the typewriter and refuses to use the computer. P2, so much younger, used the computer, with broadband for his work. P2 was improving so much that Toyota has assigned him with his work, codename Avanza.

2005. Ploton is 20 years old, P2 only 10. It was obvious that P2 was the more successful of the two siblings. What is worse, Ploton said he still need his parents to help him for another 10 years. He still need to protection from the big boys. In May 2005, P2 was about to show Bolehland his best work so far...codename Myvi.

Ploton, being jealous...quickly came up with an unprofessional remark about P2's work and show his work at the same time as P2 on purpose The future of Bolehland and her two kids are still unknown. But it would be obvious that P2 will shine, leaving Ploton crying. It would be a wonder if in 2015, Ploton will ask Bolehland for another 10 years of help and protection...maybe this from P2 as well...........


A very well said. And i believe this is a feelings of those living in Bolehland.
Article courtesy of forummer

Monday, June 13, 2005

Player Missing

Oh in case if you wondering in the pictures below, my player got sent for fixing.

i've live w/o radio for the past 3 months, and i've had enough.
There's no more cd for me.

And now, it's so bored driving, especially when you are alone.
so it's true that when people say "NO MUSIC NO LIFE"

Sunday, June 12, 2005

cup holder

officially, now my car have cup holder! after 5 years driving w/o a proper cup holder. I used to have starbucks ashray to substitute the real cup holder.

Lower center console stripped.

Old cup holder & The New Version

And i somehow felt excited when the car is slightly stripped. If only i can have 2 full buckets, roll cage, and nothing but a 5 inch autometer rpm & a shiftlight, and all other nessasary gauges.

Question is: Only when can i afford a track car of my own.


Saturday, June 11, 2005


was on my way back from KLIA and i stumbled upon 2 EK track cars on tow & a DC5 as well.

Only manage to capture 1 of the 3 beauties..

Thursday, June 09, 2005

What will happen?

What will happen, if govt insist that all passenger car to install an external signal?

picture is real, captured at Damansara Jaya, nearby KDU.

Btw, Mr & Mrs Smith is good. Recommended.
favourite scenes:

1. John Smith: I've done about high 50s to low 60s
Jane Smith: 312.

2. John: Ask us about the sex.
Therapist: OK, so how many times you've ...
John: (signalled & whisper) 10!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Trueno R3

aha.. so we have a Trueno R3 here

Taken during Initial D ~ M'sia microsite launching


Friday, June 03, 2005


lazy to type.. hence

The Evil Me

My Nike Stand Up,Speak Up

Latest Collection.. anyone interested, give me a ring

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

think this is quite nice