Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sri Garden

Gosh, when i stepped back in my high school, i missed it so much.
Really. That kind of ol' feeling just flew back on my face. It's all left in memories and i regret so much that i did not socialise as much with the teachers when i left.

And the reason i was there, because 2 of me-frens was there for badminton. Sigh.

i have built up my shopping list:
1. PS2
2. New Jeans
3. New Backpack
4. New work clothes
5. DVD series. Prison Break, Lost 1&2, L-word s3 (if it's out), 24 season 2
next question, where am i gonna find money to complete these?
1/5 add on
6. New Brassiere

anyone have any good tyres recommendation?
i'm lookin at
- Falken Azenis RT 215
- Yokos AD07
- Dunlop SP9000
- Toyo T1R
- BFG Sport

i need superb no fuss cornering + good sprint combination, together with wet grip - too much to ask.


Saturday, April 29, 2006

Where's our courtesy?

After a week long of carless situation, i opt for the rapidKL LRT services, which cost me RM 4.70 per trip, RM 9.40 both ways.

i was ok with their service even though it's not really an ideal walking distance from my house. What really makes it bad was the people taking it. Men, women, dressed up, fighting to see who's stepped on the door first, and the train isn't really stopped yet. What about those coming out from the train? If they are not out, can u get in?

When the petrol price increased, i considered taking public transport and now after more than a week on it, i'd say THANKS.

Moreover, i only use RM10 per day for petrol, and i can go home anytime i like.
The stress & 'tired-ness' can never compare even you were stucked in 2 hours jam with racing clutch. Really.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pwned & get Pwned

Nice yeah?

Why victims? See below


Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm back

It's been a while since. I barely had enough time to sleep and my mind still refuse to function at this moment.

all i need is some decent sleep, which i really need it as i only been sleeping for 3 hours out of 36 hours. i need to replenish my energy.

So here's some images for those who didn't know what actually happened during the weekend.

Movie Carnival 2006

The Crowd

Sharifah Sepet Gubra Amani

My colleague that only take picture with handsome guy

Predator with Batman, V, Sid and more.

The Star Wars Gang

"The 24 Challenge" winners (

and all the "24" participants

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I missed my class

I missed my damn class because of you, and your UNREALISTIC DEADLINES

You better let me whack you since i can't whack the bags!



Saturday, April 08, 2006

LRT no seats???

It's been a while since i took the Putra LRT, as a Saturday morning, and my legs are a little big sprained, i tot i could sit. Hmmph!! 15 stations standing. But good also la, esp for those that pretend asleep when they see old woman / pregnant woman / blind unker is near them.

And i was quite happy when i saw this. (minus the Eragon spelling mistake) but the main point is i realize, the measurement is not correct!!!! it's wider than the given size!!! i can see the bleed. (graphic term ok not bleeding) ARRRRGH!

Oh 1 more thing. I'm fun. I still works even if i reach home @ 11pm. What a good life i'm living.

Opening some files cos PC cannot read .dsc (it became some database file) files. Thanks bill gate!

Burning it into cd because office yet to get a thumbdrive. Even at RM135 for 1gb.
Wasted 50 cents for the cdr.

and watching the latest 'original' 24 season (season 4) as part of the job. Yeah! Staying up till 3am after long hours in office trying to watch a series is fun.

Don't envy if i die earlier than you. At least i got to watch 24 w/o paying.

LMF will be car-less for a week or 2,
now, i'm gonna sleep at 3am, wake up at 7.30 to catch public transport, work till 11pm and take LRT home is nothing funny, anymore.

anyone wan to give me a ride (even better if u lend me your sepot car) for 2 weeks?


Sunday, April 02, 2006

A handbook of mistakes.

Mistakes, maybe. Tak standard, that's for sure.

Check it out and you'll know.

fonts tak standard wei. not original font.
If it's too small to read, those in circle says:
1. 2uality
2. Our customer are always entitled to be the best, second to move, Quality Products and Services

Erol Form. Yeah.

And, frankly, this is the classic of the classic.
it reads: (spacing, typos, hyphen, etc etc were followed exactly)

O-hai-yo! I'm 68 Hanbook ingoing editor--Chin. Very happy that my new year wish come true, finally i find "My Job".
I will try my best to be your "inelligencer", to bring out most of all novelty and all the vogue info for you.Hope you enjoy with reading these mag.
With your support,we believe that by all means can do better than one's word.
Thank you and see you next month!

Suk Chin

I seriously think that, when my boss scolded me for inconsistency & all the stupid small matter, it came to the picture now.

Never imagined how ugly it looked when the QC level went down.