Thursday, November 30, 2006

my 2007 Planner

Muhahahar, after pastering friends to go hang out at Starbucks instead of the usual mamaks for like 3 days, i finally got my beloved 'prolly won't write anything on it' 2007 diary planner.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cicak Man

Cicak Man. I had a sinister smile when i heard the title. When we got the passes for the gala premiere, i was actually thinking twice about it.

So and then i went, Cathay was full of people. And characters. The whole setup was cool, KRU planned it well, prolly one of the best (in local) ever.
Professor Klon is now my favourite villian. His laugh, was amazing. And the best actor in it is prolly Jalaludin Hassan (Who Wants To Be A Milionaire host). Ginger boys (Matrix twins) wanna be, was.. a disaster. Maybe putting Saiful Apek was a disaster too.

Metrofulus, a city created for this, was fantastic, it's like 1950's London with cold weather and stuff. CGI classic cars, high rise but old school buildings, underground MRTs, cable cars and no such thing as handphones or gadgets. Oh and of course, there's a currency call Fulus, and the notes & coins are different. I like that.

Go catch Cicak Man. But pardon the actors (except Aznil), check out the settings of the movie, the CGI, the art direction and everything else. A truly remarkable production by the locals.

Cicak Man, in cinemas 7 December 2006


I'm Back!

yee haw!!!i'm back!with new template new color and new images.After being absent for more than 2 weeks, there's so much to say.But i'll do it. 1 by 1.

Let's start with GRA. What exactly it is. It's somesort of carpark rally where you got to set your fastest time trying not to touch those -ice cream- cones in the process. Frankly, at once i agree to join after persuasion from Ken & Paul, well i was a little bit tipsy, balls got bigger (literally) and my entrace fees are covered.

And to cut the story short, there's a TEST RUN and 4 TIMED RUNs in the whole session.
During my first test run i was nervous as hell when i'm in the line ready to take the route. Then somehow, after that, i was craving for it. Finally got to get my gloves back to work, and try to dirty KY's helmet with my dandruff, if any. Tee hee.

Oh, and the best part is, i did my best time during the third run, after i had half a bottle of Hoegaarden.
I think i need to drink more. Result was expected. I wasn't last (yay!) but i'm not in top 10 as well.

And now that i got the hang of it, and was lucky enough (i hope) to get a year of engine oil sponsorship, can't wait for the next round to come.

So, any bloggers wanna advertise their URL?

Need to remind myself the car settings
FL -1.16
FR -0.08
RL -1.04
RR -1.07

FL -0.10
FR -0.09
RL -0.04
RR -0.05

FL 0.05
FR 0.12

Total Toe
Front -0.19
Rear 0.09

Steer Ahead

Thrust Angle


Saturday, November 18, 2006


side note** some setting gone wrong at my template. i know. too busy to fix. sorry bout that**

Autoworld GRA Report[]
(check out some of the silly pictures of me)

[What is GRA?]

This Grassroot thing is no longer a pleasure but a pressure. Most probably. Sigh.
I loan a full face from KY in hope that no one will recognise me. At least not before the run or anything.

But meeting more enthusiasts was really excellent especially Mr Julian & YSKhong himself.
Maybe i'll post the 'million dollar' picture with Mr Khong putting up the stickers for me. Hehe.

Till then adios, should be sleeping early tonight. And.. no sex. Yes, you heard me right. The fun should be concerntrated on tomorrow's event. Will keep posted on how many cones i managed to kill tomorrow.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Need to Read

I need to read.

Picked up John Grisham's first Non-fiction, a true crime story actually.
Hopefully i get to finish it before the next Hari Raya, and then i can continue with this Bangkok Tattoo, another true crime story.
Was kinda facinated with Thailand actually so i picked this one. (No it's not cause of the Tiger show or Caberet show whatsoever)

Oh and so happen, i found this miniature wine(s) in a pack of 6. Great for wine tasting. Then can start comparing & choose which 1 to buy.

Google Search:
a gathering of people to taste and compare different wines

Prolly that's exactly what i wanted to do, only without 'gathering of people', i can't taste with with just 2 sips.

I still have a list of books that i wanna get, but prolly not now, and hopefully i'll totally forgot about it. Until at least i have a house that have enough space for a reading room, AV room, and an american pool table.
Hopefully it could all fit in there. Maybe i should be dining on the pool table. That'll save space for the dinner table.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Parking Drama

So i was at bsc for 11 hours and i spent 17.60 for parking alone. Wtf and having 15 only in my pocket i head to the atm.unable to cash money. Tiu lor this time so bad luck meh. So i walk around, panicking at the same looking for guards asking for another atm location, in hope there's more than 1. And he walk me to the atm. Maybe canny ong did did something good. The guard is so helpful. Stupid enough i cash notes of 50. Now, autopay machine dun accept 50. So i've got break the cash. Talk about parking drama, here you go.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today's Filler

Outdated Island Outtings during the last long-public holidays.

Some panorama from K800i. Check out the rain somewhere there in the middle.

Top Left: Cam Whoring
Top Right: Nice corners at Teluk Bahang. Now, where's my car?
Bottom Left: Birdie decided to do some cam whoring too
Bottom Right: I hope someone will roll over this & fall. It's nice when the rocks are filled with blood.

A temple in Penang, and with the amount of spotlights i got these days, i better be praying to all Gods and stop being a free-thinker. And i literrally wish the God will slap their mouth. Somehow. I wonder if they feel pain or not. Maybe not yet. He he.

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You know you are busy when,

1. you have no time to make your coffee or go for toilet trips in between work

2. You have to decline all get together invitations if it's somewhere more than 5KM away from your workplace.

3. You wish to live very near to your workplace so you can take less time travel, and/or go to work at odd hours.

4. You have not surf kennysia, rojaks, paultan, simontalks for a while already, and when you do, you'll be reading 10 posts at once.

5. You take 20 mins for lunch and decline any teabreaks in between.6. You don't have time to read your sms-es in result you got scolded for not paying attention.

7. You start to write everything in point form.

8. You do not update your blogs for 2 weeks or so. And prolly you are not in your readers bookmark already.

9. You don't have time to think for the 10th point.