Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bangkok Eat & Drink V1

7-Eleven. Available at every single corner.
The most frequent stall i visited during the trip. Beers range from 24 bht - 40 bht
Chang, Singha light, Chang Light, Leo Beer - 24 bht
Singha - 30 - 35 bht
Heineken - 38 bht
I never looked for any other beers that's higher than 30 bht price tag.
Mind you though, no beers available after midnight. So, stock up before the clock hits 12.

All stall food was stumbled upon by luck. Don't worry too much about the language barrier. Just point & order. Most of them cost between 25 - 30 bht only. Unlimited supply of chili flakes, garlic chili, prawn sauce.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bangkok: Shopping Spree 2

Mini, VW & Short Pants - 500 bht
Red Bull Singlet - 150 bht
Mini Sized Oinment for Muay Thai - 129 bht

Suan Lum Night Bazaar.
Located right infront of MRT - Lumpini Station. Stone throw away from Lumpini Boxing Stadium.
It's more to unique t-shirt/shirt shops. Something like the higher class of Chatuchak market.
This is the place where the shops closed after midnight.
Alot of boxing stuff can be bought over here as well due the nearby boxing stadium.

Red Bull T: 150 bht
Singlet: 40 bht
Love Shape Egg Fry Pan: 40 bht
Silver Pendant Jewelleries: total 720 bht
Necklace & Strngs stuff: 40 bht
Katana: 1000 bht

Chatuchak Weekend Market.
Take MRT and stop at Kamphaeng Phet Station (Don't stop @ Chatuchak Park else you got to walk far)
Take a short walk from Exit 1 (MRT) and you'll see a busy area.
Actually it opens everyday (except Tuesday - so i heard) so you don't have to wait till weekend.
Everything from A to Z can be obtain here. Including pets.

Muay Thai Ticket which can be obtained from any Tourist Agent. Other then selling tour, they do sell ALL kinds of tickets.
I got mine from T.A.T. (open from 7am - 11pm)
If you do need tour around Thailand they could help to arrange as well.
If you are planning to watch Muay Thai, ticket can be obtain at the stadium on that day itself. There's alot of PR by the road (with VERY NICE red muay thai jacket) to help you.

Punching bag 1150 bht
Kicking Pad 665 bht each
Training Glove 310 bht
Cute Magnet Dartboard 200 bht
2 rip-off Billabong surfpants: 250 bht
Cargo pants: 199 bht
A Genuine Nike Training Shorts: 1950 bht

Last day last minute of shopping in Silom area before heading back to KL.

End of shopping. Food topic to come tomorrow. Stay Tuned


Monday, August 28, 2006

A Shoppin Spree 1

Carabao T-Shirt: 99 bht
Red Bull Muay Thai Short: 199bht

Street along Phetchaburi (pronouced Phetburi), Pratunam District.
Only manage to take 2 before their closing time. Which is 9pm.
Manage to browse Pratunam Complex but nothing amazing there.
So headed to 7-11 to get beers, only to realize it's about RM3 per bottle/can.

Boxer: 120 bht for 2
Working Pants: 230bht
Working Clothes: 190bht
Belts: 320bht for 3
Muay Thai T-Shirt: 99bht
Cut design T-shirt: 135 bht each
Mini T-Shirt: 99 bht
Basketball Jersy: 99 bht
Skirt: 190 bht

The next day, we accidentaly stumbled upon Pratunam Wholesale Market.
There's a shortcut from Petburi Soi 19 & 21 (Soi - Street/Jalan). Find all the clothes & apparel you need at wholesale price. This is the place where other the 'Chatuchak' & 'Suan Lum Night Bazaar' take their stock from. From this big market, you can see Baiyoke Tower as well.

Feel good T-Shirt: 295bht
Muay Thai DVD: 350 bht
Handcuff actual size & weight: 1200 bht
K800i Screen Protector: 150 bht
Watch: 500 bht
Earphone Gadget: 50 bht
Toy: 39 bht

From there then we headed to MBK Center, the largest shopping mall near Silom. Silom it's like a shopping district la, like our Sg. Wang area.
Nearby MBK there's others like Siam Center, Siam Square (pronounce Siam Se-kue),
Siam Paragon & Siam Discovery Center (branded stuff)
Easily reachable by BTS (BTS - LRT) @ National Stadium Station / Siam Station.

In MBK, there's a very big DVD store where you can find EVERY SINGLE DVD titles. There's even a book with PRIDE color on it.

And when there's no stock / or you buy alot, they will send it to your address within 24 hours.
So head there early if you plan to bring back some copies of DVD. (only worth it if for sure you can't find those titles here in KL, JB, Penang)
The DVDs pricing ain't as low as here.

Thai Style Shirt: 120 bht
Hole Free Earring: 25 bht
Toys: 60 bht
Candle Holder/Tray: 300 bht

Aha. Khao San Road. A place for 'Fareng' (Quai Lows). All marked up price items. A road just like our Petaling St. Cheap motels, backpackers are all located around.
There's even a muay thai gym nearby and all i see are farengs putting RM40 for 3 hours of class. OMG. But most of the trainers do speak fair english.
And there's a airport coach station (non aircondition) located here. 100 bht per head.

(Note: -Not worth if you are not travelling alone, as you can easily get to the airport between 250 bht - MAX 400 bht, depending on your negotitation skills.)

*more to come tomorrow, will compile guide whenever i can. :)


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Checking in

Consider this day 1. Fresh level : 10 / 10


Monday, August 21, 2006

Off I Go!

E- ticket, hotel / motel reservation print out in hand, backpack filled.

And i'm off for a week, literally. Don't call me. If u have to, do it after 27th Midnight. That's when i'll land.

Anyone wanna pick me up from LCCT? Guess i'll be going with a backpack, and hopefully coming back with 2 luggages, and i'm still in 1 piece. Muahahahar. Sovenirs available, only if u bank in $$ to me before hand. :P

Not sure if i able to post any since i have no roaming. No mobile blogging. But will still try. Till then, adios!


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Teh O Ais

Weekend update made possible by SE. Ice lemon tea @ stevens corner.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bu Yi Bao Herbal Soup

SS2 same row with Nasi Kandar Kayu. Behind Cheow Yang.
Set lunch consist of 1. Soup 2. Meat 3. Small portion of vege 4. Rice. Only for RM9.80

Business Hours 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 10.30pm. Open on Sundays too.

Non smoking area though.


Series of Unfortunate Events

Now.. looks like i'm a jinx to my beloved car.
First clamp, then window broken. And now this.

Well, lucky that i'm just 100 meters away from my mech. Now running on 2 diff brand semi slicks till my Trampio 888 in stock. :(
This silverstone is burned.

(*Oh btw, loved my new phone. Now can blog on the go... muhahahahhar)


Thursday, August 17, 2006


Testing new cybershot with blogging capability. Take a guess of the model.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Restaurant Teo Chew Meng

Teo Chew Meng Seafood Noodle.

Famous for Mee Suah (or in canto we call in Min Seen). Located @ SS14 facing highway.
Branch @ ss2/30 & Menjarala 8/62A

Pictured below are: Sharkfin Mee Suah (RM10), ***Seafood Fried Rice(RM8) & 3 Taste Oyster (RM12). Accompanied by Green Tea (RM1.50) that looked really like Air Tebu. When i took a sip with expectation of air tebu sweetness, only to realize i ordered green tea.

If you not a big eater, the 1 pax (RM10) sharkfin mee suah is just enough with 1 extra order. They have sweet sour prawn, Kerabu Mango, and i've forgotten the rest.

Note, this is a non smoking restaurant, so leave your ciggy in the car.

*** Recommended Seafood Fried Rice. Full of taste and prawn.


Friday, August 04, 2006

180 poorer

broken glass and a 180 poorer.

No this is not a theft act.