Thursday, September 29, 2005


Decided to do some testing

Location: Home Bathroom
Condition: Door closed to maximise effect
Type of ciggerette: RYO
Air Neutraliser: EloAir Natural Air Deodoriser
Overall: 4/5

Just light up the ciggy in this closed area
Finish the ciggy, walk out of the room
Open and smell after 1 minute. (ewww)
Spray the air neutraliser and close door for 5 minutes.

Woila! Smell gone. (the EloAir does smell good and it's very familiar, but i can't recall)

Check out the pictures:

small compound

item used

lighting it up

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Monday, September 26, 2005


weekend was good.

There's full of green's tenderloin steak for lunch.

Japanese free food was damn good. Will go again when October arrives, thanks to Wa! Fm.

And the Sunday pasta was fullfilling. yum yum.

How not to grow fat, u tell me?


oh my, i've planted ads all around the blog.
i know. it's disturbing. but asking charity from you guys it's like asking you all to jump from the 18th floor building. I totally understand as i behave the same. :P

so, hehe, just click on it, if you don't like it, just hit the back button so it'll come back here.
this will help me. really. Just a click to make a difference!
if u asked me to clicked on your site, i will. i promise. This is what we call helping-hand mahhhhh..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Confused with plan

Now, u didn't see me for a week, and my deadlines just past. woo hoo!

James confused me with all the plan i had in mind.

What i wanted earlier:
Block untouched. CTR cams, valves, retainers, adj. cam pulleys, headers, intake. (budget 3.5k)
That's my 2006 budget, and if i'm really really lucky, i could put in some gear ratios.

Now, with all the suggestion coming in, i still have choices of:
a. ITR block, (est. 3k) + all the above.
b. microtech LT4/LT8(est. 3k) + all the above.
c. ITR block + microtech LT4/8 + all the above.

Now, dun forget that the car need spraying. Still saving up.
And also new rubber will be needed soon. AD07 that is.


with noisy exhaust, it doesn't mean ah-lian.
It means that i know my engine will suffocate if i didn't give a bigger route to the exhaust. :)

ah-lian means noisy 5 inch N1 muffler with 1.8 white steel karat piping powered by 1.3 magma sohc 12V under the hood and comes with original steel rim. Better if patches of unsprayed wide bodykit.
That is champion ah-lian.

There are people who still drools at this dull two tone discolored EK. Period.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Lost Game

They say it was a good game yesterday. But i seriously think that i could have done better. and a better prep. next time.
semi slicks, racing clutch, a shift light, and definitely a calm mind.

and hopefully avantgarde could bring some fame after the sepang drag. :)


Thursday, September 08, 2005


It was always on my mind that shld i opt for the 1.8 block or go straight to the 2.0 block (when i have the moo-lah)

discussion been going on that i shld go for the 1.8 block first, and then i have the next moo-lah, get the 2.0 block and chuck all the internals from the 1.8 to 2.0 to get a stronger & higher rev 2.0.

but since the news yesterday, (see below in italics)

As for private cars, road tax on those with engine capacities lower than 1,000cc will be RM30 a year; and those between 1,000cc and 1,600cc will enjoy a 50% reduction on road tax.

Road tax on motorcycles between 151cc and 250cc will also go down by 50%, while those 150cc and below will continue to not attract road tax.

The reductions will take effect from next Monday (12 Sept 05)

i decided to keep my original block. meaning now, i don't have to comtemplate myself to waste $ to register this 1.6 block or wait for my new 1.8.
wise decision, now i know that i'll concentrate on cams and management. 1.6(1595cc to be precise) stays.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

check this out

Instant MPPJ officer detector! by my boss.. hiak hiak, he's NBTD

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

mood = 0


- acc. being emptied again for usual debts & routine payments, bills.
- besides the acc, my heart felt empty as well, prolly of my usual routine, as i felt like sharing with fellow readers here.

8.15am wake up (sometimes does laze till 8.30, which will make me late to work and kena sounding even more)
8.40am warming up the car, day dreaming/point blank starts in the car
8.45am start my journey
9.15am - 9.20am (sometimes 9.25am) reaching BU to pick up a colleague
9.35am reached the office and making my morning dose
10.00am officially start working
12.30pm boring and hot lunch places (which my RM4 daily budget is on till end of every month)
1.30pm back in the hot and warm, sometimes headache and felt sick
3.00pm don't feel like working, will usually surf boring websites that will make me feel more bored. hate looking at some blogs as i see how they perfoming over the last SS0, their new gadgets, their upgrades..... fighting myself till 6pm
6.00pm ++ way back to office, passing by mechanic shop, look and drool, go home, jam, sien, bored, fighting traffic everyday.
reached home, bored with daily astro dose, dinner, shower, astro astro and sleep
and it goes like that every single day

- and some dissapointment, i shouldn't be saying out loud, as it's not even happened (or never will). it's something not i wanted to do, but it will be a good experience for me.

- wanted to join GRA and autocross so much but with the budget i'm living, i might as well as forget forget about it.

- oh a new haircut does add the salt to the wound. fugging ugly it is

conclusion: i'm back in negative form. and i hate that i can't write well.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dramatic Change

What a bold decision. my hair.. cannot be tied now. i can't even accept it right now.
shall stop typing now. OMG

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Friday, September 02, 2005

1st Political Post

You see i don't really care about politics that happened in the country
but i found this image (extracted from is really funny.

oh oh 1 more thing, that is, shit happens. Do not comment cos you gonna eat your word back in alive. Why?

13 August The Star
Najib: ‘No hugging, ‘we’re Muslims’LANGKAWI: “No hugging please, we are Muslims”
– this was Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s message in hitting
out at such actions being promoted by certain TV reality shows and
programmes. “This is not a question of young or old people hugging. This
is about religion. It is forbidden in the religion,” he

Hugging scenes are not suitable. They must sing decent
songs, and must act decently,” he said.
1-Sept The Star

Rafidah hugs Dr M
Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz made her
first public show of reconciliation with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday
hugging him, and giving him what seemed to be a teary explanation
strained relationship.

....One minister who saw
incident said Rafidah first reached for Dr
Mahathir’s hand and moved
to him before suddenly hugging him tightly, to
his surprise.

Funny shit. You don't even know it clashes between their saying.


Been lost for like a week, mainly due to my monthly regular deadlines.

Pissed with work (what's new).
Pissed that i'm nobody and i'm still nowhere.
Pissed that i have to struggle with my wallet and my bank account every single month. (which this also the reason i'm nobody and nowwhere, dun get me wrong, but wat i wanted to do, it does need some cash to start with).
Pissed that i have to just look at what the others achieve and i'm at a standstill.

maybe i should have just say that i'm fucking pissed with it but foul language is not always in my vocab. and adding to this broken language i have, it only make it worse. so i'll just leave as it is.

sick, i think i could do better, but i dunno how.