Saturday, February 26, 2005


the haze is so bad bad bad. I can hardly see anything infront of me 10 metres away. what the heck happened?

Taken on my way to office, outside phileo, 930am

BTW, i've sent my car downstairs to fix due to the unbearable weird noise that's happening at the rear left area. Noise is demolished now, but i still don't know what's wrong with it yet. According the the guy, something got stucked. Will do more testing today. Bill not here yet. Hope it don't cost much.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Discover the tiger

My reading:
Year of Birth: 1982 Eastern Sign: Dog Western Sign: Aquarius

You are determined to do what you believe is right-regardless of the consequences. As a result, you may become known as a bit of a nonconformist or rebel, but you may well only display these qualities when you're pushed to the end of your patience by what you view as unfairness, prejudice, or discrimination. Until you actually reach that point, you'll do everything that you can to keep the peace but once your indignation has been roused, you'll likely be unstoppable as an advocate. Needless to say, you're a devoted friend and partner.
The intellectual fire you'll likely become known for is strongly described by the astrological factors you inherited, as well. Seven planets in the heavens above you occupied fire and air signs, known to be "masculine," or "assertive" in nature. These energies beautifully outline both your passion and your substantial cerebral abilities as well as your innately straightforward and outspoken personality.
This strong propensity to stand your ground and fight for your ideals shows the depth of your integrity and your high moral standards. In short, although you'll undoubtedly live life by your own rules, your respect for the right of others to do the same will win you the admiration and support of many. When it comes time to choose a partner, you'll need to find someone as independent and emotionally determined as yourself. Sagittarians, other Aquarians, and Scorpios would probably make good choices.
Your challenge is to detach yourself from no-win situations, no matter how deeply and emotionally involved you are. Your gifts are your passion and commitment.

Fair enough, everything sounds correct, for those in bold. Hmm..

Saturday, February 19, 2005


After Jalan Cochrane (pronounced KOK-KRANE) finally being tarred and all the uneven holes & the irritating Telekom bricks being flatten, the digging starts again. I don't understand, why must they DIG on the blardy road.
Why can't they leave the road alone? What kind of bad planning is that? How bad can it be, when someone dig on a newly tarred road, and then simply patch it back, leave it for a year or two, then the goverment tarred back, and then immediately, they start the digging work again.

Bad bad planning. This is the only thing i cannot stand being a Malaysian. Proud to be Malaysian... my arse.
If i am the head of JKR, i'll make sure there's a law that said:
who dig the road will have to TAR back the whole stretch. (In this term, i hope they don't start digging Jalan Tun Razak, cos that stretch seems to be VERY VERY LONG)
Else, fine. Yeah! that's what we good at. FINE. Undertable $$ don't work this time.

Roger and out. Gonna catch Triumph to the Sky now. Missed like 4 episode already. Missed the song as well. (it's by eason)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

non stop

uh ho.. i've been dwloading music non stop since i've got iTunes installed in this so called fast pc of mine at work. If the bosses find out, i'm gonna be in deep shit.

iTunes.. is good. really. Why can't microsoft make life simple like how apple does? Feed them, feed the idiots.

Oh btw, my petrol tank is empty again. Remind me to visit my favourite gas station after work before heading to Pyramid for this half naked Dennis Quaid in Flight of the Phoenix. Movie about planes never make me dissapointed, i hope this one will be good.

And, i think i'm in love with Shane, and Dana. How can lesbians looked so good? We are in the reality, go out and look around, the dykes here are old, ugly, and saggy.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

42 litres

for the first time, my fuel tank ever reached close to 42 litres. All the while i thought the tank was just 40 litres. I guess it must be so empty by the time i refill. Lucky there's not car-pushing scenario going on.

Today.. tour around KL.. morning, Cheras, then, Happy Garden, next, Sri Petaling.
Back to Cheras again, then Puchong. and back to Cheras. Tired tired tired.
Y must we visit relatives and friends only on CNY? Is this the only time that we can get together?
Tomorrow, there's more open house to go. Sue's at ss12, Michelle's at Ampang, CVS's new hut.. and it's HOT out there!


i'm konked out. I caught flu, on the night before New Year. and this moucos is getting up my brain. I felt headache. Arrrgh... Happy CNY fellas
Roger and out

Saturday, February 05, 2005


I'm going to be dead of boredom soon. Pls submit me some websites to visit.

Went for seoul (pronounced SOUL) raiders gala premiere at GSC Times Sq yesterday.
Nothing much on the movie, some better chinese movies, with good plot and goot cast. Definitely have beginning & ending.

Apperantely the cinemas are called 'floating cinemas' somehow it's been wrapped & padded by foams to absorb the roller coaster effect nearby. I wonder, who pay for the cost? Cosmo world & GSC & Berjaya?

It's been seperated by a floor. GSC is located at 1st & 3rd floor. Yep.. seperated. Nothing to shout about but pls pay a visit when the seats are not stinked yet. Be the one to stink the chair, not the victim of stinked chair.