Monday, July 30, 2007

Yellowman Died?

Apparently all advertisement on yellowman had been taken down and Digi Website doesn't have any trace of yellowman in sight. Then upon checking out the local papers, there's a petition going on to relive the yellowman. Goodness, the agency is so clever.

Came up with a teletubby yellowman and kill it, start a petition and there goes another marketing gimmick. Well done DDB

The creative dept. prolly create these cute videos too. It's all on youtube.

Check it out.

Tribute to yellowman

Yellowman in Celcom Territory

Yellowman in Celcom Territory 2


Saturday, July 28, 2007


Located on the 33 floor of Traders Hotel, just beside KL Convention Centre. It's something like Luna Bar, but with probably 4 times the amount of tables/couch available.

Overlooking the KLCC and Maxis Tower. Another view would be Prince Hotel and the forever busy Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Imbi.

Music ranges from Jamirouquai to the recent house music. But i believe there isn't any DJ spinning.

Well, if you planning a trip, its good to make reservation beforehand. And there isn't any cover charge at the time i'm typing this.

Parking, though it might be a petty problem. It's either on the white lines or park in convention centre. Or you may opt for the valet.

Enjoy your weekend folks.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This is what happened. It's office hours, on Monday. Harry Potter frenzy. She was kinda furious when we snatch her beloved HP7 adult cover story book and read the last few pages aloud.
Well Harry married Ginny. Now it makes sense why this actress it's always in the video frame but doing nothing. Maybe it's too petty to even notice her expression whenever there's talk about Harry & Cho, the girl that he kissed.
Talking about the kissing scene, that's a bad influence towards the kids who dun really understand. How's the conservative parents explain to the kids about that scene? How does the parent answer when the 5 year old kid ask the mum "mummy what is Harry Potter doing there?"


Monday, July 23, 2007

La Brassiere

La Senza is my favourite brassiere store now. Being loyal for so many years to the brand T, it's getting more expensive by the day and lousier design by the night. La Senza, part of FJ Benjamin group is having sale now where for a usual RM129 per piece, you can now get the soon-gonna-be-out-of-season-brassiere (wait, who knows if you wearing last season's piece except your other half, which prolly won't realize anyway) in a heavily discounted price. 3 for RM180, that's a almost 50% discount.
Yeap.. girls, especially if you have the unusual-out-of-the-odinary-cup sizes, head to La Senza tonight after work (or school), you prolly able to still get your sizes. That's my advice.


Friday, July 20, 2007

GTI Outlook

Someone reminded me that i actually have a blog. Yeah. Thanks Jesly. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and i saw my link there.

Anyway, if i would like an update there will be few pages long, so let's skip that.

Saw the Hyundai Accent GTI Merdeka version. Gosh. What are they up to? Can a Hyundai transform itself to a Golf GTI? I mean, transforming the outlook itself to look like a Golf GTI it's not enough. They dun name their GTI for the sake of naming it.

And what's with the Suicide Door Accent? Soon we'll see the wannabes start sticking on the back of my boot because they are all so fast.

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