Thursday, February 14, 2008

Potong Conman

The Potong Saga was due for 1000km service. Infact is was way overdue. Anyway, IT IS compulsury to include X-1R Engine Treatment and Magnetrap (it sounded like the DIY magnet on the filter to trap the residue to me)

It's like when you drive in to petrol station, and you are required to pump V-power because your car is new, and there isn't a choice for you to retain the warranty given.

In relation to image above, as i was trying to hang my clothes (obviously so that it'll look presentable and not crumple), i found out that there are missing passenger support, both sides (left/right). Talking about budget cars, they might as well as exclude all doors or make it dashboard-less to save cost the next round.

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At 10:18 PM, March 17, 2008, Anonymous reception? said...

whoa, lmf has a blog and kept quiet about it while reading all my craps...
me linking u


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