Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nice Packaging

i'd always like nice packaging. doesn't matter if it's 2D, or 3D. my room ended up with dust & what most think that's rubbish coz i love to keep stuff that i felt it's nice. i've been keeping this psysical mailer from KENT since god know when(kay prolly it started 3 - 4 years ago). All the die-cut envelopes, the pull-out sheet that been cleverly made, boxes (metal & paper), nicely designed ciggy boxes etc etc.

well my point is, i've been smiling delightfully and my mood turned good once i got this paperbag. (as pictured on the left with 2 boxes of kent deluxe.)

it's simple, just a paperbag to pack the ciggys, and yet it bring so much satisfaction to me. wonder why.

1 of the latest identify series of psysical mailer.


Monday, July 25, 2005

August is over

Finally the august issue been sent over to printer.

and bastard li shen, i didn't you are are a keen follower of this blog. hehe
here's his http://gambit3.multiply.com/journal

and, i mentioned that i KNOW WHAT I WANT! just that i totally forgotten about it.
and i didn't know why no one tell me there's this occupation called pilot?


and, finally i my car is back! and it feels great! Steering rack bushing been replaced. Missing nut (YES MISSING) at steering rack been screwed back, lower arm being changed, serviced absorber being fitted in. It's just great! and i love corner all over again :D

and got myself the quotation of the local PU bushing for the whole front, cost would below 500.
(and pls remind me save money on this)

next service is due and thanks to James (avantgarde) for getting the motul range. Yes i'll be there for servicing when the time comes, which is just 1000km (2 & 1/2 weeks) away.
time to do major service as well. (pls remind AGAIN me save money)


i was rather pissed last week, because i've actually met people with low responsibility. Shut down & discard workload when it's 6.01pm, even deadline already been past. Missing a layouter during the deadline is bad, and having an employee that do auto shut down is worse.

Am going out for french toast & hot honey, cough is coming, headache & sorethroat doesn't help either.

my throat is itchyyyyyyyyyy, can someone please scratch it! arrrghhhhhh...
(and y am i not taking MC like the rest?)


Sunday, July 17, 2005

How Lucky

Just today, i stumbled into someone's blog accidentaly. He mention about how low our pay here compare to the states. I would like to apologise if he DOES read this blog, (but neh i don't think so) i would like to voice my comment.

Do not compare what we have here, over to another country (where ground zero happened).
Yeah our food/booze/transportation fees here is basically cost NOTHING if we do a forex math.
You are lucky because your parents can afford to send you for studies at a better country. There's alot of unlucky child that have to work even before they manage to get a certificate at the local college. We earn $$ the hard way. And trying hard to save for the future. It's hard; If you try to live the way we are living.
(and please mind my grammar ~ i'm just a poor kid who can't afford to do degree)

And yeah my RYO rolling paper had finished. That's 50 of them, (approx. 15 was smoked by others, 2 - 5 spoiled in rolling) so i basically consumed about 30 sticks over 2 & half weeks


Thursday, July 14, 2005


As i was talking to Linus (his blog) today, he asked me, what's my ambition..
i was thinking to myself, well, nothing. I don't know what my ambition is.

i was literally sad.
He said, doesn't matter what you ambition is, even if it's MY AMBITION IS BEING A PROSTITUTE!
well, so somehow our conversation end somewhere but this question keep on playing on my mind.
and when i reach my car, i remember what's my ambition, or rather dream was.
it's being a professional race driver. No matter is just supersixteen, single seater or anything else. Anything to do with car & i'm handling the steering yes.

Prolly this dream is so far away that i don't even remember, or rather i know it myself motorsports in Malaysia means a BIG ZERO. unless your parents are reach enough to sponsor you.
Why? We spend millions on hockey players that never go to the final. And what happen to our first F1 driver? Nowhere.

If i see him again, i'll let him know what's my ambition is. Well, at least i have 1.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Cortex & Converse

My cortex is in bad shape.
so i bought a converse lowcut. and hopefully it can serve me for another 3 years.

and i have problem with cash in my pocket. they will bite.
i shall keep it all in the bank, and only atm when i need.
shit, i overused 300 bucks.


Saturday, July 09, 2005


What a productive day today.

Went mahjong the night before and end up sleeping only at 5am.
Woke up at 10am, and head to VinSen's new condo, Palm Spring.
Then, we played badminton till 1pm, hohoho with ashraf, cvs, jt & pace. Geri is the 'watcher' for the day. Cos she simply sit down and watch :P

Well, then we fed ourselves with 2 large pizzas and 2 bottle of caberet sauvingon. Gosh.. my weight gone up to 0.5kg immediately! (was 51, then 51.5)

and yes, i slept, and snore at the living room.. till 7pm.
Btw, the ikea sofa is good...

Report end for today.
Bed time for me.


Friday, July 08, 2005

Which M'sian Blogger Am I?

Congratulations Kylielmf, you are...

(image taken out)

Huai Bin of

You are all about recklessness, controversy and not living life by the rules. As a rebel against convention, you demeanor intimidates people who don't know you. Despite most people's negative first impression, you are just a simple person who enjoys doing what you do, and keeping it real all the time. You may have a lot of friends but you also have a lot of enemies. You can be very protective of your friends, standing up for them at the cost of putting yourself in the firing line. You are real. You say what you mean, and you mean what you say.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

The Ultimate Question Is: HOW TRUE ARE THE ABOVE? leave me a comment will ya?


Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Ok, manage to get my soundcard to work. That is after wasting 1 hour on the net just to get a 5mb file.

but i'm all satisfied now.
it's now a fully functional pc.. to online, watch & listen.
no work to be done but i think i need to get photoshop installed, for simple photo editing.

After saving my pictures, here's the look at my temp meter, if u have a good eye & a good monitor, u could see reaching the red line it is.

And this is the sucky buffet breakfast at First World Cafe.

Lastly, i got my Mugen serviced. Available in 3 days time, and then i shall drop by Avant to check out their prices on the front Superpro bushing. There goes RM340 for the pair of Mugen, and i suspect the Superpro gonna cost about RM400.

(maybe once again i shld go for standard rubber bushing ~ if anyone remember i mentioned about RM35 vs RM690 = rubber vs silicone = standard radiator hose vs samco radiator hose)


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Running on XP

Haih, finally, i got my old junk pentium 3 to work again, now, i'm just gonna use it to online or for other petty stuff.

and right now i'm running on web msn messenger :P
can't afford to download the few MB worth of msn 7.
i shall wait for Pacey's rescue, with the thumbdrive..

till then, nites folks



you know, maybe i'm a borned driver.

i get so bored, when i'm not on the wheel, and especially i see curves & interesting corner approaching.

But then again, i don't think anyone could ever sit in my car peacefully if i drive like a mad cow.
maybe i shld get sabelt (pictured left) for all the passengers.. hahaha

Anyway, First World need to take 1.5 hours to check in on a low season. Talk about kiasu-ness. RM40 for a room, it's accepttable, if you have the time.

And.. oh oh we play strip poker as well.. :P
but then again, it's all women, and we were quite tipsy.. so yeah i think it's fine. :P


Friday, July 01, 2005

Radiator Hose

Ok.. went home and realize my water temp is extremely high...
open the hood, and see splashes of coolant around.

Mood: sad
Cash: No

Oh i got my RYO tobacco :P