Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hong Kong Part 5 of XX

OK i'm gonna keep this short, 14 pairs of socks for HKD140, (with further 10% discount with HSBC Credit Card)
And went crazy in the Hard Rock Boutique. I really really liked the Hard Rock Headphone T.

Went rounding in HK Station and stumbled with HMV. So i got 2 magazines, Total Film & GT.
Bossini storewide discount made me crazy, and i've got few M&M's T, an overcoat (which makes everyone turned their head and think it's something wrong with me whenever i wear it in the mall back in KL), kinda like that feeling.

And i finally managed to buy something from esprit. On the 7th day. I've gone crazy and HKD1000 poorer. Can never imagine i got an esprit membercard from HK as the outcome.

But really, it's a bargain. I got a shirt, and few clothes here & there, 2 pants for HKD 299 each, (that's about RM130). I went checking the price in KL and found the pants are new arrival, selling RM229. Shit, that's RM100 savings per pants.

I'm losing track on the things i bought already.


Hong Kong Part 4 of XX

Alright let's check out my 4th day.

I'm getting bored with shopping already. Legs doesn't belong much to me anymore.

And so this time i went to Temple street, after I've finally getting the boot I've been eyeing for even in KL. 30% off on this Timberland boot. HKD 679, (that's about RM313), Timberland KL is selling it RM499!!! Shit i'm so proud.

What's in Temple street, nothing much, stalls, and people. I've got back few fridge magnets and a road plate. no joke.

Cheongsam blouse, waiting for my belly to go smaller, oh and i'm so proud of the Nazi Hat. Damn it.

And and and.. i found out some real bargain from HK, i'll talk about it in next post


Friday, January 18, 2008

Cheap Car, Cheap Standard

The protruding plastic part of the car seat hurt my leg. And, for going in & out of the car for 3 times, it's already bruised. This came in factory fitting. So i can rant all i want. Any idea what car is this?
And seriously, who's the clever ass designer that decides to put BRIGHT BLUE STRIKING bulbs/interface for the meter? And who the hell sign the damn paper?
Try to drive the car at night, and all you see was blue lights. It is sooooo distracting that even if you dont look at the damn meter, its poking your eyes like a knife.

But anyway, the car is cheap, and it's not mine. I just thought that i could do a better job at these. I'd cry if i owe this car.

Malfunctions/Problem spotted on first day of driving.

1. Noise when clutch pressed half way. (Release/full clutch in is ok)
2. Buzzing sound as if i'm in a karaoke room, where the mic intefere's with the speakers
3. Blower air-cond switch that
a. cannot be moved freely as if there's spring holding it
b. functionless. No matter where it points, it still blow straight to your face.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hong Kong Part 3 of XX

On the 3rd day, the shopping mood had arrived!

Stop at Shum Sui Pou station and Apliu Streets for digital stuff (mp3, phones, cameras, binoculars, photography equipments) but what i found on the street markets are much more than digital stuffs.

I've got a 1:1 scale Glock (BB bullets) at HKD 40. That's about RM18 here, and it's illegal back in KL. Woo hoo!! Oh, and coincidence, i found a cross-shoulder gun holster (oh my gawd). Selling about RM25, it also can be found in KL for RM180.

And of course something for my car, something ah lian enough :P

Next, I went in the shops of Bossini, and i found M&M's 'bedazzled' T. Goodness. And they're throwing it away for RM30.


Hong Kong Part 2 of XX

OK, so on my second day, i've done so much windows shopping, and bought 2 jackets. But that's about it.

Went to Citygate Outlets (Tung Chung Station). From Citygate Outlets, there's also cable car (Ngong Ping 360) that connects you to Big Buddha. When i was there about 12 noon, the line was about 2000 humans. That's about 3 hours of queue. So we went with BUS (45 mins duration) from terminal to the Buddha Statue. (Be warned it's windy and narrow road)

Back to Citygate Outlets, as the name says it, it's an outlets mall, Esprit, Timberland, Puma, Nike, Adidas, Giordano, Levis, Samsonite, but nothing catch my eyes. Shit, HK can't be that bad.

At night, it's Ladies Market night!


Monday, January 07, 2008

Hong Kong Part 1 of XX

The magnificent famous Hong Kong Island view from Avenue of Stars. And i've finally bought something. I finally shop like how women does it. The feeling's good, before you see your credit card bill.


2008 Resolution

my 2008 resolution is ....
I will not ask for any table calendar, diary planner, wall calendar, pocket calendar in 2009.

Just because i've got so many from everywhere. And i wanna hang them all!!

Happy Belated New Year all!