Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Scam or not?

I'm extremely busy, but i just have to put this online.

Today, a ok-looking, quite well built man walking up the office and asking the admin manager if he can speak to the person who owns the white-EK parked below my office.

So, he introduce himself, and telling me that my car, is suitable for their commercial shooting which will be held tmmr, 25th August @ Makro Shah Alam. After asking where he's from, i followed him down to his car and i've got his namecard.

After much explaination, he told me that my car will be needed from 7am to 7pm, tmmr.
Why he's in a rush is because the actual car pulled out due to some reason, and he needs a white 2 door EK. Remuneration will be paid but did not say how much. So LMF asked if there's any b&w to be signed as prove, etc. He said, no but if you want to, i can come out with a letter.
He left after i told him that i'll consider about it, and i shall give him a call.

Not long after (maybe about an hour or so), he came back with the said letter, and also the storyboard together. (see images below)

I've actually asked for opinions from Linus, and yes he told me it's possible, they do cast cars like that. I've also got someone to call up the office number and it's legit.

Now, is this a scam or wat? It's neutral now cos i didn't happened yet. I mean, you want me to hand my keys to some strangers, i'm sorry dude. It's my car and that's my life.

Welcome for comments. True or Scam.

Click on image for larger view


Friday, August 19, 2005

King Kong

King Kong likes to play Ping Pong with his Long Ding Dong while smoking Bong with Mei Fong from Hong Kong wearing a Thong...

wtf with the phrase above?
my colleague VERONICA KHOO HWEY JIUN (phone number : 01X 323002X) came out with it


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Chocolate Factory

1. I like Willy Wonka, i like his creepiness, alot like Marilyn Manson.
For those had watched it, do you get the real meaning behind the story?

2. ITR meter fixed, will upload pic whenever i can dwload it. So stay tuned.

3. Arena is really PIMPED! will try to avoid driving it.

4. And yes am gonna revisit the 88 Jonker Street cendol/ABC! YES!!!

5. avoid HARVEST tobacco at all cost. Hate it!


p/s: i've realised that i'm getting lazy. reason, the above all in point form. Well in another way, i might be a straight forward person too..

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

free fan

alrities, i got my aircond fan fixed for free.. woo hoo!
yup, that is after i complained non stop, repeat non stop that they are freaking expensive bla bla bla, always fix there give discount bla bla bla (add your own) and yes, i got it fixed for free. (thks JAMES! ~ i really appriciate it. i promise to do my next service with avantgarde :D )

now i have cold aircond (ok this car wasn't cold if it's on standstill & hot afternoon weather) and my idling is back on normal. double yay!

plan to fix in an
ITR meter on saturday, some modification have to be done in order to fit in. Hope it works well.

haze is really bad.
my office's arena is pimped

Monday, August 08, 2005


It was very frustrating when u visited 4 7-elevens & 2 kiosks to find they are out of the RYO filters.

Was quite productive the last weekend,
- sunrise jazz festival
- Burger King TT, Carlos & see some games
- Channel 6, watched a DVD (Ray), Mont Kiara Coffee Bean

Now, awaiting Bewitched, Herbie & Charlie & Chocolate Factory

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


1. thick haze thick haze. Very low visility today. felt worse where everyone beside you is sick.
went for alignment today.

2. 4100 turbolight doesn't do well compare to endless & HKS. It's very thick, and eventhough it's smooth, but it's not light enough for sudden high rev.

3. don't understand why i'm always low on cash. can barely survive nowadays. - 20% credit cards, - 25% for mum, - 10% ready for the old car (yes it's getting old and needs repair) - 12.5% for savings, - the rest for daily expenses (food!!)

4. my xmas wishlist, better say it now so u guys can prepare :P
cash in any domination is welcome :)
what i'll do with the cash (if any):
- exhaust refibring
- car needs respray, badly
- fix my idling & air cond
- new set of tyres (advan neova or BFgoodrich preferred)

5. the net is very slow. wonder what happen to my comp. :(
(took me 37 minutes to load this blogger page)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Price Hike

RM1.62 is still manageable. Full tank goes at least RM65 now.

Fuel price up, and chain reaction begins where your food, drink, etc etc will go up.

and GST will be introduced soon, all the variables goes up, but salary is constant.

It's gonna be hard to make a living here... consider migrate if u have the bukaroos.
I consider jumping the aeroplane.


Oh, and my car being re-MOTUL-ed. This time along with the LSD oil.
still think HKS better. (Click-Me for last oil change)