Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Specs: SUPER RE RACING 100% SYNTHETIC 10W 40 (isn't RE series made for rotary?)

ok so Joshua T is delivering a 'special priced' fully synthetic HKS engine oil over now.
priced at 'half the price' still expensive for me, but will try if it's good enough for my little humble slow engine.
hopefully no knocking nor tappet sound will occur.
thks Joshua for offering & giving me 'introducy price'

and.. i think Pacifier, is not up to my standard, however, this can be the entertaining family movies, especially if your family have kids from 3 - 15
verdict: 2/5


At 10:57 AM, April 15, 2005, Blogger juan1252 said...

the packaging is so gay....


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